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What’s the best way to get a break from the hectic routine of your daily life? For me, camping does the trick. There’s nothing better than spending a good quality time camping with your family members and friends. But to go on camping, you need to buy some basic camping accessories that are necessary.

Buying the right camping can be a tough task which one cannot do if he lacks proper camping knowledge. If you’ve ever gone camping, then you are probably aware of the importance of a camping generator. It is a must-have equipment for camping since it powers the caravan and all other electrical devices including your cell phone batteries when they’re dead.

In this article, we are going to give you some useful tips for buying the right camping generators.

Choosing the Generator Type

Generators come in all different types depending upon their portability, power, and fuels. The first thing that you need to do is pick the right type of generating that suits your camping perfectly. There are portable generators that are very easy to carry along the trip. These types of generators are mostly inverter generators that can be moved around without putting much effort into them. They may have a trolley or fitted wheels that make it easy to move the generator around. It also has a tow handle or an extension that helps in moving the generator. For camping, it’s better to use an inverter generator that you can move around easily.

The other ones are on board generators which do not have any kind of carriers such as wheels or carts so they cannot be moved easily around the place instead they usually stay where you once put them.

Source of Fuel

Generators are a source of electricity which obviously needs another form of energy as a fuel so that they can convert it into electric energy. Therefore when you are buying a generator for camping, you should always look for the source of fuel that it is using. The portable generators usually come up with a built-in fuel tank that contains other gasoline or diesel. These two are the most common sources of fuels that have been used in generators for a long time.

With the advanced technologies, now there are many solar power generators available that use sunlight energy to charge its batteries that can, later on, provide electricity when needed. As mentioned by the experts at, solar-powered generators are much better suited for camping as compared to gasoline or diesel generators. With solar-powered generators, you can be sure of never running out of Generator fuel in the middle of camping. The batteries are charged all day by the sun and then can be used for longer periods as a source of power for the generator.

Weight and Size of Generator

The weight and size of generators also matter when you are buying a camping generator. It usually depends upon the fuel tank and its capacity and is also related to the power output of the generator. If you are buying a solar-powered generator, the size and weight will depend upon the size of the solar panel used in the generator. It can be variable so you can pick this size of generator yourself given your requirements.

Noise level

Noise level plays a major role when you are buying a generator. No one likes generators that produce loud noise or sound whenever in use. If you are buying solar-powered generators, you are free from all the noise pollution because solar power generators do not produce noise at all. These generators simply use the batteries charged by solar energy to produce electricity and thus, no noise is produced.

While the other generators that use different fuel sources produce loud noises because of the energy conversions they do while working. It is not only irritating but it also disturbs people of the surroundings. And it basically destroys the whole point of having a peaceful camping time with your dear ones.

Comparing your giving options, we’ll recommend you buy a solar power generator for camping. Not only is it portable and easy to carry along your trip, but it lets you enjoy quality time. You can also buy other types of portable inverter generators that you like. However, keep in mind the noise level of those generators. Also, don’t forget to keep some extra fuel with you so you don’t run out in the middle of nowhere.

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