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There is a direct relationship between diet and a healthy lifestyle.  The fact that a balanced diet and regular exercise are the core pillars of a healthy lifestyle, but there is more you can do about it. Yes, Fasting. Today fasting is not only considered a religious activity, people also do short-term fasting to lose weight and obtain other health benefits. However, it is effective only if it is done in the right manner. 

What Is Fasting?

 Fasting is the willing abstinence from some or all food, drink, or both, for some time.

There are three major types of fasting:

Time-Restricted Fasting

It is a process of fasting in which a person limits his calorie intake to a set time period. It is most common in religious fasting practices. For instance, Muslims fast from sun-up to sun-down during Ramadan. 

Intermittent Calorie Restriction

This kind of fasting takes into account the total number of calories taken by a person in a single day. People fast for a specific duration and then consume a number of calories in their eating windows. This is usually one to reduce weight. 

Periodic Fasting With Fasting-Mimicking Diets

This kind of fasting involves the intake of calories for 3 to 5 days and allows the body cells to use up the stored glycogen, and the process of ketosis begins. 

If you plan to go on fasting, this article will let you know how this kind of fasting is good for your body in multiple ways. Let’s read:

It Helps in Weight Loss 

When you are fasting, you consume fewer calories in a single day. When a person eats consumes fewer calories, his body will begin losing weight naturally. However, the total number of calories a person burns naturally per day can vary significantly based on their gender and lifestyle. 

Controls Blood Sugar

Studies reveal that fasting controls the level of sugar in the blood. A recent study analyzed participants who had type 2 diabetes.  The results showed that intermittent fasting minimized blood sugar levels.  

It also reduces insulin resistance. Decreasing insulin resistance can make the body more sensitive to insulin, and it allows the glucose to travel from the bloodstream to the cells more effectively. 

Speeds Up Metabolism

With intermittent fasting, the digestive system of your body takes rest and speeds up the speed of your metabolism. Your body burns calories only if the metabolism is efficient. If a human body does not digest food properly, it can affect the rate of metabolism. When the digestion process is regulated, it promotes healthy bowel functions. 

Fasting Makes You Hungry

Does fasting synchronize the body’s hormones that make you realize what true hunger is? Of course, you will not feel hungry if you will eat food three to four times a day.  The feelings of true hunger come from 12 to 24 hours. 

We can assume fasting as a reset button. The longer a person fasts, the more his body can regulate itself to release the right hormones.

Improves the Functions of Human Brain

Fasting releases a protein named brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF.) This protein is said to improve the functioning of the human brain. How?  This protein activates the stem cells of the brain to transform into neurons and also releases many other chemicals that make the brain healthy.  Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease can be resisted with fasting. 

Stronger Immune System

Fasting makes the immune system stronger as its cuts of the free radical damage adjust the inflammatory conditions and also kills cancer-forming cells. 

Prevents Acne

I am sure most of the readers did not know that fasting can also make your skin glow and protect you from acne. It is because fasting makes the body free from food intake and the process of digestion, so the body can fight against other issues. 

Fasting for one day helps the human body to flush away all the toxins and not only clean but also adjust the functioning of other organs that includes the liver and kidneys. 

Increase Longevity

Fasting improves the longevity of a person. Yes, this might be surprising for many readers, but this is true. The less you eat, the more you live. Studies show that aging results in slow metabolism.  The younger a human body is, the faster is the rate of metabolism. 

Positive Impact on Insulin Sensitivity 

Fasting directly affects the sensitivity of insulin. Fasting allows the human body to digest the carbohydrates better. A recent study concludes that after fasting, insulin becomes helpful in guiding cells to absorb glucose from the blood.

Corrects Eating Patterns

For those people who are suffering from binge eating disorders, fasting is a good option to develop the correct eating pattern. Fasting is helpful for those who are so busy with workload and do not know how to make their eating patterns systematically. 

If you want to avoid binge eating, set a time at which you will eat your meal when you are so hungry. Never forget to take the right amount of calories. 

Afraid To Fast? Tips to Build the Habit 

It’s natural to be reluctant about fasting; most people assume that staying hungry will decrease their energy levels and hinder their productivity. However, it is not so! What you need to do is start small; start with 3 – 4 hour fast windows and then gradually build it up. 

You can use apps to regulate your timings; there are many intermittent fasting apps available on the iOs and Android play Store. If you are a Muslim, you can even choose a prayer timings app to time your fast. 

Whatever method you choose, start small to build your stamina. 

The Benefits of Fasting for Our Wellbeing 

Fasting today is not only considered a religious activity but many people across the globe fast because of its numerous benefits for the human body. With fasting, it is not only easy to lose extra body fats but also makes your immune and nervous system stronger

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