Succulent Growing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Plants Are A Must!

Research studies suggest that having plants around you is a must – it enhances physical and emotional wellbeing and it is a beautiful way to decorate your home. Looking after plants requires a certain amount of care if you want your plants to survive and blossom, but every plant will have different needs.

One of the easiest plants to have and maintain is the Succulent. This one is similar to a cactus and requires little looking after to grow. Although this is a good plant for people who do not want to spend too much of their time worrying about plants, there are still some mistakes people make when it comes to Succulents.

In this article, we will discuss Succulent mistakes you need to avoid if this is a plant that you are thinking about purchasing. This way you will ensure that the plants around you look their best and live as long as possible.


Succulents are resilient and originate from arid areas, which means that they do not require great amounts of water. Watering plants more often than required is not ideal and can actually result in the death of the plant. If you have no experience looking after plants, a good tip is to check the soil before you water your water. If the soil is still wet, it is a sign that it is hydrated enough.

Not Watering Enough

Much like what we discussed above, not enough water is another reason Succulents may not flourish and this is a mistake you need to avoid. Many people focus on the fact that Succulents are resilient and do not need much water, therefore they can forget about them for long periods. You must give the plant the water that it requires, and you do not have to guess this. The best way to know when it is time to water your plant is by checking the soil – stick your fingers in the soil and feel it. If it is dry, it is time to water your Succulents.

Using the Wrong Soil

The soil is crucial for the good health of any plant. This is where plants get most of their nutrients and poor soil can result in diseases and death. Any inexperienced plant owner may assume that there is only one type of soil and they will use anything, but you will need to pay attention to what you use. Succulents require well-draining soil, therefore you must get the appropriate mix for your plants. Make sure to inquire about this with a professional if you are unsure. Succulents can quickly lose bliss if you plant them in the wrong type of soil.


We see many people planting as many Succulents as possible together, but they actually require their own space in order to grow in a healthy manner. Allow Succulents to have their own space, and to thrive on their own.

Propagating Incorrectly

One of the greatest benefits of Succulents is that they propagate easily – not every plant does this. However, some people make the mistake of not understanding the process and do it incorrectly, which can damage the plant. The Succulent enthusiasts at Succulent Alley recommend finding out the adequate process and steps to propagate Succulents. Doing this will ensure that you can have many Succulents in your home.

Not Giving Them Enough Light

Succulents require light, just like any other plant. Ideally, they should be exposed to sunlight on a daily basis for three hours. Even if you keep your Succulents indoors, they will need to be by the window so they get enough sunlight. Just make sure that you protect your plants from severe temperatures, hot and cold, as this will damage them.

The Wrong Container

There is such a thing as having the right container for your Succulents. The pots you put them in will have to be well-draining too. As we discussed previously, excess water can be detrimental to your plants and the adequate container will help reduce the amount of water retained.

Planting Them With Non-Succulents

Succulents are particular plants that require specific treatment. Most flowers and plants are unique and have different needs. It can be difficult for you to maintain your Succulents properly if you plant them with plants of different species. As we mentioned above, Succulents require particular soil that will not apply to every plant. Make sure that you keep them separate and look after them as they require. 

Succulents are mesmerizing plants that are easy to maintain – however, there are still some mistakes people make when owning these plants. If you have (or are thinking about getting) Succulents, make sure to avoid the Succulents growing mistakes discussed on this page.