Growing microgreens can be a rewarding process of hard work and great results. However, doing it right takes a great deal of expertise and attention to detail. Microgreens are an exquisite form of veggies. Like full-grown veggies, they carry an enormous amount of nutrients. In fact, they carry nutrients forty times more than matured plants. How do you grow microgreens indoors successfully?

Here is how: 

Get your materials ready

Plants grow in a certain environment and under certain atmospheric conditions. If you are not sure about where to find the best property for growing your plants, you can seek help from a property management company that will make the right choice for you. Otherwise, if the conditions can be met anywhere else, apart from the customary garden or farmland, the same plants will grow. That being the case, if you would grow your microgreens indoors, the conditions necessary for the healthy growth of plants have to be met. The first step towards achieving this is ensuring that all the materials are needed to duplicate an environment suitable for plants behind closed doors.  Some of these materials are the tray, soil, light source, and water. You will also need grow tents. Your grow tents should accommodate the volume of plants you want to cultivate.

Plant your seeds

Once your materials are ready, you start by filling the trays with sand. There should not be a large heap of sand. Note that your plant is not going to mature before you harvest. Therefore, the roots would not have the time to grow large. Let your soil be about two inches deep. This is enough to hold the root. The soil should be damp. This is necessary because the seeds need moisture to grow. To achieve this dampness, you should wet the soil softly with water. When this is done, you should proceed to plant the seeds. The process of broadcasting does not necessarily have to be done systematically. You don’t have to space out your seeds equally. These are not growing into full-blown veggies, so you also don’t have to worry about space. You can put a large number of seeds in one tray. Hence, the production of a larger volume of microgreens is possible compared to mature greens.

After you have planted the seeds, spread more soil on the tray’s surface. Remember to keep the soil light. When this is done, water your veggies properly. Your watering duties do not stop here. You should water them many times daily.

Use grow tents

Growing microgreens, including medical cannabis,  indoors becomes a ton easier with grow tents. When you use a grow tent, you don’t have to dedicate a whole room to your indoor explorations. You can position your indoor grow tent in a chosen space. The use of grow tents gives you more control over the environment. Pests can be easily stopped using grow tents. A grow tent also helps you save some money. The environment is controlled, and the expenses are kept to the vital materials. There is also a high concentration of light within the tent that allows the microgreens a rich photosynthesis experience, as nourishing to the plant as the sun itself. Hence, getting your grow tent ready is a critical aspect of preparing to grow microgreens indoors.

This will take more hard work and concentration than you probably expect, but it certainly beats walking miles, rain or shine, to care for your microgreens. 

Make sure they are well protected

If you want to enjoy your microgreens, you will take time to ensure that they are protected from pests, diseases, and human or animal probing. The use of a grow tent helps you curb all of that. Even your pets will be easily kept away from the grow tent if you have any.

Care for the plants

You should water the plants regularly to keep them moisturized. The aim is to maintain the soil’s dampness, not wash away the seeds. Therefore, the watering should be done accurately, twice a day. 

You should have specific tools around the house if you will be planting indoors. Some of them include hand trowel, watering can, etc. Getting your tools ready is also an essential part of the preparation process. Some plants, such as medical cannabis, need special care and you need to have more information for them. If you are interested to go beyond just growing cannabis and starting a business in this industry, you need professional help. Therefore, consider seeking help from cannabis consulting firms who will provide you with all the advice that you need. 

Final word

There is no doubt that planting microgreens indoors is an excellent way of exploring your love for gardening regardless of the availability or non-availability of a garden. An eco-friendly garden can make your surroundings peaceful and elegant. If you want your house to be filled with positivity and freshness, think not twice before creating an eco-friendly garden at your premises. This eco-friendly garden can be your way to show your love and gratitude toward nature. Click here for more guides on planting a vegetable garden.

Author: Bella Clarks