Summer is a great time to spend time with your kids. With the vacation coming up, they have a lot of time on their hands. You can use this as an opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. Instead of allowing them to watch television or mobile phones, you can choose to try some family-friendly activities. It will keep them engaged and make them feel proud when they complete it. For adults, it is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of the summer season. You can use these activities to unplug from the hectic schedule and connect with nature. Such summer activities offer stimulation to young minds. Also, they never adversely affect the environment. 

Here are some of them that you can try daily.

1. Play Green Crossword

Our mind is never silent as we experience chaos daily. The challenges thrown by life can make you baffled. Since life feels like a puzzle, why not solve puzzles to feel calm? Solving puzzles can offer you temporary relief from the angst you feel in life. When you focus on solving the puzzle, the outside world seems to recede for a short time. When you choose puzzles like crosswords, you can convert them to family activity. Make it green by going paperless. Look for exciting crossword puzzles and the answers at crossword 911 tips.

2. Plan A Picnic

Enjoy the summer blooms by setting up a picnic. But, never worry about choosing an exotic location. You can use your backyard or nearby park to set this beautiful, rustic picnic. Go green by using reusable containers and utensils as they minimize waste. Also, pack a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Choose boxes or crates that can double as an impromptu picnic table. For an appealing ambiance, you can hang paper balls from the low branches of trees.

3. Plant A Tree

Remembering about our planet on Earth Day alone may not suffice. You need to consider giving back to earth by making conscious decisions. Planting a tree along with your family is one of the green activities that will make you happy and create fond memories with your child. It will be an excellent experience for your kids when they get their hands dirty in the soil and plant seeds. Your child and the generations to come will enjoy the benefits of summer shade, colorful leaves, springtime flowers, and winter silhouette.

4. Create An Earth Jar

Earth Jar is a unique concept that can save water and energy. You may have heard about the “Swear Jar” that parents implement to encourage their kids to avoid foul language. Earth Jar has a similar concept with parents motivating their children to make a conscious effort to save energy and water. For every step the child takes to save water or energy, they get a quarter in the Earth Jar. You can encourage your children and adults in the family to participate in this green family activity.

5. Read Eco-Themed Books

Reading is stimulating to young minds. It helps your child learn and promote their imagination. Give a green twist to it by introducing books regarding sustainability. You can find fiction or non-fiction reading material based on your child’s age group to encourage them to make eco-friendly decisions.

6. Turn Recycling Into Crafts

This is a family activity that can offer a lot of fun. You can turn the household materials into beautiful crafts or play items. For this method to succeed, you need to have a separate recycle bin for items that you can repurpose. Pick the best craft idea as per your child’s interests. With your help, your kids can turn a plastic bottle into a piggy bottle bank or bird feeder, egg cartons into flowers, and so on.

7. Make a Rain Barrel

Make an eco-friendly transformation to your backyard by recycling natural resources such as rainwater with a rainwater collection barrel. Take the help of your little ones while creating and decorating the barrel.

8. Plan A Nature Scavenger Hunt

Why not plan a scavenger hunt to reveal the secrets of nature? You can make a list of natural items outside, such as flowers, insects, or pine cones. When you take your kids out and ask them to find such things, they will have fun hunting for them. In the end, you can make the hunt more exciting by declaring a prize.

9. Spend A Day At A Scenic Location

You can spend a day with your family at a lake or beach. During summer, choosing a place with cool water can make your kids feel relaxed. It is an eco-friendly method to enjoy the day. Remember not to clutter the place, though.

10. Work On Your Garden

Gardening is a simple yet exciting activity for having fun with your family during the summer. You can ask your kids to pick up herbs or vegetables to plant. It will make them excited to take part in the activity.


Come on, nature is calling you! Try these summer activities and encourage your children to participate. It will help them stay away from screens and enjoy the nuances of life. You can try simple activities each day but whatever you choose, make sure you get every family member involved. These are some of the green ideas you can try for spending quality time with your family that will not cost much money.

Author: Lisa Dinh

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