Keeping insects out of your home is imperative so that you do not have any damage to your home and so that no one in your home is at risk for getting bit. There are many insects that will find their way into your home if you do not take proper measures to keep them out. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to ensure that your home is well protected against all the pesky insects out there.

1. Seal Your Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows can have gaps and cracks. This is especially true if you have an older home that has settled. Make sure that you are inspecting your doors and windows at least every six months. If you find you have windows or doors that are not sitting well, you should have them replaced. If you have screens on your windows, make sure that they do not have tears or rips on them. You should use a screen mesh that has 200 holes per square inch. Anymore, and insects will come right through like you do not have a screen at all.

2. Proper Pest Control

When it comes to insects, the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you have a good pest control method. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional company to do it for you. A pest control company can come out and ensure that you do not have bugs like termites and ants destroying your home. This option may be more necessary for those living in humid areas. For instance, Texas residents may need to contact a company specializing in mosquito control in Houston, Texas during those hot summer waves. Mosquitoes can carry deadly diseases and be very annoying, so you will want to make sure that you call an exterminator out to treat the problem.

3. Addressing Gaps And Cracks

It is important that you check the rest of your home for gaps and cracks. You can have loose siding, missing roof shingles, foundation cracks, or even gaps around your utility lines. Insects can see this point of entry quickly, and you could soon end up with an infestation in your house. If you see any openings, you can seal it with sheet metal, wood, or mortar. Some people think that using caulk is ok, but it is important to note that there are pests that will chew right through the caulk.

4. Disposing of Your Trash Properly

Your household garbage can attract roaches, ants, and other insects. If they smell the trash in your home, they will come in quickly. Instead of dealing with this, you will want to make sure that you dispose of your trash properly. When you have a trashcan in your home, make sure that the lid fits tightly and that it is shut at all times. Once it is full, it should be removed and taken outside to your outside trash bin. This trash bin should also feature a tight lid and be pest-proof.

5. Cleaning Your Drains

Your floor drains, and your sink drains will accumulate debris and gunk. This provides ideal living conditions for bugs like fruit flies and other small flies. You should regularly clean the drains in your home. You can use a vinegar and baking soda solution that will create a foam that will remove the gunk and debris, eliminating any attractants in the drain line.

6. Proper Food Storage

Another thing that you can do to prevent pests is to make sure that you have no open food containers out in your home. Everything in your home should be in a sealed container. Roaches and ants love to get into unsealed containers, and they can quickly wreak havoc on your home. Make sure that you regularly inspect your kitchen and pantry for anything that is not sealed properly.

7. Cleaning Your Home

One of the biggest things that you can do to avoid any insects from coming into your home is to ensure that your home is clean. A clean home is not going to have anything for the pests to feed on. Remember to always wipe down your counters and mop your floors frequently. In high-traffic areas, like where people eat, you should be cleaning daily to ensure that there are no crumbs on the floor that might attract insects.

Doing all the steps above will help you to eliminate any issues with insects in your home.

Author: Regina Thomas

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