The modern world is a reflection of ancient times, but just more complicated. These lines might sound funny, but it is the reality of the present world. The older world was about civilizations, trade routes, and food for its inhabitants. The modern world has replaced trade routes with sophisticated travel options.

The basics, however, are still the same.

The trade routes came into the mix to exchange products, ideas within different civilizations. The carriers were often animals, which ate during the journey. In the modern world, business channels are the new name for trade routes. Airplanes, ships, trains have replaced animals as the carriers. The difference is that there are millions of moving parts in these machines, which makes them complicated to understand.

Since ancient history, the trade routes have come in handy to trade many day-to-day products.

These often included different types of spices, herbs, and many more. It also included other products like marijuana and hemp. Yes, you read that right, humans loved marijuana-based products even in the past as well. There are many instances in history which show that civilizations were around their marijuana cultivation. Marijuana and hemp cultivation was a great source of revenue. It was also a perfect way to release the stress of day-to-day activities for the higher clergy members. Yes, these magical products were just for the rulers and their high court members.

The modern world is much more relieving, as hemp and marijuana are open to all who can afford them.

The affordable prices ensure the general public can buy it as well. The history of hemp and marijuana is rich in terms of content and historical events. Something this old will affect the environment around it as well. This article will guide you towards the effects hemp cause on the environment around it, whether be its consumption or cultivation.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is all over the drug market in the modern world. It may sound cliche, but the proof is in the figures in the market. Do not worry, as one does not need to be a math geek to understand these. A study shows that the sales of Just Cannabis Store hemp-based products had more than 1100 million US dollars as revenue. The figures are just from the United States of America in the year 2020. It reveals the growing trend of hemp among consumers in the country and across the world. The market will almost expand to double its size by the year 2025.

Hemp is a type of cannabinol, which originates from the famous sativa plant. The plant first came from South Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and many more. It was then transferred to different countries across the world in both ancient and modern times. The plant made inroads in the American continent and is now widely grown. The idea of a product that puts you in a slight trance and has no side effects is desirable. The fact that the sativa plant requires less water for cultivation helps the environment. It is an environmentally friendly practice that makes the farming of the plant sustainable in the long term. It also ensures that farmers can afford the farming at affordable prices and the returns are high. One of the unique selling points of hemp is that it is versatile. It can mix with cannabinol, THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol), and binding ingredients.

Hemp binds them and forms various types of products. CBD-based products and CBN-based products have hemp as the main constituent. Hemp in itself has psychotropic properties, which can dampen when other products mix with it. It can be in the form of strands, balls, and many types as per preference.

The Effect of Hemp on Air Quality

Just like any other farming product, hemp has its effects on the environment around it. Hemp cultivation has taken some steps in the last decade, as more and more individuals started growing it. One does not need a big backyard or a farming field as you can grow hemp in your backyard. The need for less water allows it to be easily cultivable across the country. It needs less to no maintenance, which makes it the most popular choice among individuals. The plant is not picky, as it does not require any specific climatic conditions to grow. A tropical climate and one is good to go. 

The plants in closed spaces release fumes, causing harm to the people in close vicinity. Clinical and environmental trials convey that without a ventilation system, the fumes can take over the closed area and cause complications within the human lungs. When individuals come into contact with fumes over the long term, it can also lead to breathing problems. Although when a proper ventilation system is present. The air moves between the closed space and the environment around as it purifies the air in the vicinity. Such importance is the balance of ventilation in closed cultivable areas.

Hemp plants are often present in open spaces. It separates the harmful particles from the air, which leads to purification. The phenomenon cleans the air, which makes the cultivation environment friendly. Open cultivation is a popular choice, as it leads to more revenue shares. Hemp cultivation is a fast process, which leads to the replenishment of the nutrients in the soil. The plant rotation controls the temperature around it, which is an added benefit.

How Can You Make the Practice More Eco-Friendly?

As hemp cultivation is now legal in most states in the United States, it will only lead to modern practices. The new cultivation and consumption practices are unique. The systems like drip irrigation save the water which is needed to grow hemp. Ensuring better ventilation systems will make hemp purify the air effectively. It is necessary to rotate crops on the same soil, as it recharges the nutrients. Mixing other dampening products with hemp can help reduce the fumes of hemp during consumption. The tools like vaping pens help to reduce the harmful fumes coming from the hemp.


The modern world is full of automobiles and industries, leading to a large scale of air pollution. There is always a threat of global warming. Controlled cultivation and consumption of hemp products can reduce the wide-scale of air pollution. However, several checks and balances need to be in place to garner the best benefits. It is our planet we want to save. If you add a mix of thrill to eco-friendly activities, you get hemp. The popularity of it will only increase shortly, with more awareness. The consumers of the United States sure have welcomed the product with open arms.

Author: Kaitlin Justice

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