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As far as the environment is concerned, vaping has several advantages. For starters, vaping doesn’t contribute to the environmental mess discarded cigarette butts do because they are non-biodegradable litter. Additionally, vaping doesn’t aggravate deforestation and the environmental distress that comes with tobacco growing.

The vapor may not be completely harmless, but the fact that there isn’t any of the second-hand, toxin-laden smoke that is usually associated with combustible cigarettes is enough to give vaping props. 

Vaping, however, isn’t without fault when it comes to environmental impact. While it may have its drawbacks environmentally, there are always ways you can bypass them and help keep the planet healthier when you shop vape wholesale distributors and enjoy the various e-liquid flavors.

Here are some of the simple ways you can make vaping more eco-friendly.

Try Rebuilding Your Coils

You can enjoy vaping while keeping the planet healthy. This is possible by rebuilding specific components of your e-cig, such as the coil, instead of buying a new one each time. You can build your coil by using cotton and wire, and it’s more eco-friendly than buying premade coils.

Rather than throwing out the entire premade smoke vape coils, you can opt to simply replace the cotton and continue vaping.

When the wire gets too old, you can throw it out and build a new coil with a piece of wire instead of buying a manufactured coil for your vape. 

Choosing to rebuild your coil instead of buying reduces the implications manufacturing has on the environment because you do the construction instead of machines that use fossil fuels.

Rebuilding your components also means that less packaging goes into the final product and, as such, won’t find itself in a landfill. It’s a far more eco-friendly way to rebuild than to buy a pack of coils then throw away the packaging, which is usually made from plastic.

Power Save And Recycle Your Batteries

Most of the batteries for vape devices are rechargeable, but that doesn’t mean they’re meant to last forever. When they reach the end of their lifecycle, instead of throwing them away, you should consider recycling them.

However, before they reach the end of their cycle, try and conserve your battery as much as possible. You can switch off your e-cig completely when you’re not using. This will help save power and prolong the battery’s life.

Additionally, you should only charge your e-cig until it’s full rather than leaving it to charge for overnight or hours on end. This helps conserve your energy and promotes battery safety because you won’t be overcharging your device and putting a strain on the battery.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you vape frequently, you should go for refillable vaping devices instead of single-use vapes. Additionally, try and buy high-quality devices from well-recognized brands. You want to ensure they have an excellent track record. This will prevent you from buying cheap vape devices that turn to constant waste. 

While a significant percentage of vape hardware is made overseas, a suitable quality device will guarantee you more extended service and significantly reduce your logistic carbon footprint because you won’t need to purchase a vape device every three months.

Getting your e-liquids locally is also a much more eco-friendly option than overseas. This will cut back on shipping by air and reduce the overall carbon emissions due to fossil fuels.

Safely Disposal and Recycle All Your Vaping Devices

Hoarding is a challenge many of us face, but sometimes when a device has fulfilled its usefulness, it may be time to get rid of it, but in a safe, environment-friendly manner.

But how exactly do you do that?

For instance, when it comes to your e-liquids, you can empty them into absorbent material like cat litter, or sawdust. Ideally, you want to throw them into a biodegradable bag. Then discard it together with your regular waste.

You don’t have to own a cat or be a carpenter to access these materials. Luckily, many DIY shops sell sawdust cheaply. Cat litter, on the other hand, you can get in any pet shop or online for convenience’s sake.

For your vaping hardware, you don’t have to throw anything reusable away. This includes compatible tanks. You can either donate some of the old hardware you’re not using or choose to recycle it. The number of vapers with a cupboard full of vaping equipment that’s still in good condition may surprise you.

For your vape juice bottles, recycling them is the best option. You can do this at any plastic recycling center. This is also the case with the glass and metal parts of your vape devices.


From a recent United Nations Environmental Programme report, “if the tobacco industry were made to pay for the harm that it causes, it would not turn a single profit.” But, with these few tips, you can sleep much better knowing you’ve done your part to make the planet a much safer place by reducing your environmental impact.

Author: Lisa Dinh

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