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As the Earth makes orbit after orbit around the sun and years continue to grace us, our global population continuously rises, as do our technological advancements. Consequently, our planet has never been under so much pressure, and the importance of taking care of it, protecting it from global warming, and loving the Earth we live on is more important now than ever before. With the desire for sustainable living increasing and more people opting to be more conscious of their carbon footprint, it is no wonder the demand for green living places to inhabit is growing. 

The Earth is beautiful, and so many people are finally beginning to see the importance of protecting it at all costs. Even Governments around the world are under enormous pressure to provide alternative living arrangements. People are making it clear that they require governments to take action – to ensure that reducing global warming becomes a priority and the development of greener, more sustainable living prioritized. 

If moving to a more eco-conscious location is on your radar, take a look at the following seven towns and cities. The below spots are working hard to provide green living arrangements – not only for residents but for tourists and wildlife too. 

Stockholm – Sweden

Intending to eliminate fossil fuels by 2040, Stockholm in Sweden is taking steps to fight global warming and provide a sustainable green living location.

Stockholm has implemented policies that aim to reduce global warming. The city is a predominant district heat zone – which has enabled a dramatic reduction in carbon emission levels. 

Identified as an international role model for other cities – Stockholm is holding itself accountable and prioritizing its role in reducing global warming to help save our planet for generations to come. 

Edinburgh – Scotland 


With a recycling rate of just under 50%, one of the best in the UK – Edinburgh in Scotland is fighting to reduce global warming and encouraging its residents to reduce their carbon footprint one plastic bottle at a time. 

Edinburgh has consistently reduced its carbon emission levels over the last few years. Much of Edinburgh is considered green space and offers residents and tourists alike a sustainable option to protect our planet and the animals that inhabit it. 

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Copenhagen – Denmark 

Copenhagen is by far one of, if not the most, impressive on the list. It has had incredible results in its bid to provide a sustainable city to inhabit, visit and call a forever home. 

With energy-efficient buildings popping up all over the city and another location opting to be a district heat zone – it is no wonder so many eco-conscious people are relocating to Copenhagen. 

From eradicating over a third of their fossil fuels used for transport and a continuous strive to promote green growth to their sustainable focus on biking for travel – Copenhagen is leading the way in ensuring we protect our planet for as long as possible.  

Portland – Oregon 

Almost half of Portland’s power comes from renewable sources. That makes them a strong leader and international role model in sustainable living. In Portland, people prefer to bike, carpool, or public transport over solo car journeys. The city is reducing its carbon footprint one commute at a time. 

In addition, Portland composts their waste and treats it all locally. They also implement green roofs across a large portion of the city. By protecting their green spaces and the wildlife that live there – Portland is a sustainable American city. 

Cape Town – South Africa 

With a primary focus on local people and local business Cape Town strives to make itself a more sustainable and green city. Cape Town has been protecting its farmer’s markets by preserving large green spaces. The government also aims to transition to solely green energy by 2030

Additionally, Cape Town pushes commuters to cycle instead by giving incentives. They promote bikes and buses as green ways to get around the city. Cape town is always putting its locals first. They have a goal to meet their sustainable desires and protect the beautiful Earth we inhabit. 

Reykjavik – Iceland

Home to the most sizable geothermal heating system in the world; it is not a wonder Reyavik makes its way onto the list for the top seven sustainable places to live.  

Nearly all of the heating and energy Reyjavik requires is met solely by hydroelectricity and geothermal sources. Ultimately, minimizing carbon emissions and helping beat global warming. 

Reykjavik is continuously looking to advance technology and reduce its carbon footprint. The city supports and encourages electric cars and alternative sustainable fuels. Those are great options when looking for a green living spot. 

Amsterdam – Netherlands 

Last but by no means least comes the city of Amsterdam. Amsterdam has put in place policies and strategies to ensure a steady lower in its carbon emission levels. 

The city’s trams and subways run on green electricity sources. Additionally, canal boats use only natural gas to protect the precious river they travel. Of course, Amsterdam is infamous for its biking scene. It’s the ultimate bike city with 250 miles of bike-friendly tracks to traverse the city. 

If cycling and green living is the focus, Amsterdam is a must on your potential sustainable living locations. 

The Bottom Line 

So, there you have seven beautiful locations that offer exceptionally sustainable, green living options. Lower your carbon footprint and put global warming reduction at the forefront of all you do. Help protect the beautiful world we call home. There are places around the world that focus on sustainability. Find them, adopt them and look after them. That way, our world will remain beautiful for years to come.

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