Summer might be drawing to an end, but with another heatwave promised alongside some nice hazy weather in September, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy your garden this year. 

So much has gone on in the past 12 months. You might not have had time to look after your outdoor space as much as you might like. Try out a few of these improvement tips for size if you are looking to get the most out of your garden through 2021’s final patch of pleasant weather. 

A Big Tidy Up 

A spring clean for your garden can do wonders for its general aesthetic and feel. Particularly if you’ve got any grandiose dreams for your garden space – say a nice flowerbed or pretty water feature – you need to set the foundations first with a well-kept and tidy garden as well as deer fencing to protect your goods. 

Start with the basics. Mow the grass, weed your flowerbeds, trim back and get rid of some unwanted plants and shrubbery and tidy away any equipment that doesn’t need to be out. If you’ve got a shed to put things into, great – make sure it’s properly secured with door latches and a padlock. 

Make a New Flowerbed 

If you’re thinking more horticulturally or have a passion for planting, making a new flowerbed is a great project to take on as it’ll provide you with a great new design space and the opportunity to grow whatever you want. 

Most gardens have a bit of lawn space that you can dig out as you see fit. All you need to do is remove the turf neatly, loosen up the topsoil and add some new plants. Simple and hugely effective. 

Create a Seating Area 

What about some late summer/early autumn hosting? If you fancy having a few friends around, you can always create a space for seating, whether that means introducing some decking or paving (which takes a little more money and effort) or simply designating your best grassy patch to a couple of outdoor bean bags. 

The good news is it doesn’t take much to create a welcoming hosting space. However, you choose to do it. 

Get a Professional In 

If you don’t know your weeds from your roses or simply don’t have the time to dedicate to creating the garden you want, why not draft with the help of a professional? A professional gardener can make your garden vision a reality or help you create a great space using their own knowledge and experience – all without you having to lift a finger. 

Of course, it’ll cost you, but if you’ve got a little more cash than time to spare, you’ll get the work done you need and likely at a better standard than you could carry out yourself. 

Quick, you’ve still got time to get out there and enjoy your garden! With these short but sweet improvement tips, you’ll be able to make your outdoor space more enticing than ever, just in time to see out the summer. 

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