7 Ways You’re Hindering Your Weight Loss Efforts

It’s easy to blame our lack of weight loss on genetics, age, and even if we’ve had a baby recently. And while there are a lot of factors outside of our control when it comes to losing the extra pounds, there are plenty of things within your control. If your mindset says that there is nothing you can do to lose, then you’ll probably give a half-hearted try. But if your mindset says that you can do it, you’ll make the necessary changes. There is a lot behind the science of weight loss, but here are seven ways you might be hindering your own weight loss efforts.

You Don’t Drink Enough Water

Newsflash, just one water bottle filled with water isn’t enough. When you’re trying to lose weight, your body needs a lot of water. You may not love water, but it’s a better option than juice, alcohol, and Frappuccinos. Take your weight, divide it by two and then drink that number of ounces worth of water daily. If you do an especially hard workout, drink a little more. 

You’re Stressed Out All The Time

Stress is a weight loss killer. It makes your body produce a hormone that helps your body store fat, and keeps it from burning any. While this can be beneficial when you’re in fight-or-flight mode and need a fast getaway, our bodies were not designed to be under constant stress. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a break, take it. If you need to do self-care, do it. If you need to simplify your schedule, do it. There are plenty of ways to reduce stress.

You Have a Bad Attitude

Attitude is contagious. If you have a bad attitude, you’re going to look at everything with a glass half full perspective. And your negative thinking isn’t going to get you anywhere when it comes to weight loss. A positive outlook will help you gain a good perspective on everything in life from relationships, work, career, personal goals, and so much more. You’ll look at the world as filled with opportunity, and you won’t let temporary setbacks hinder you from reaching your goals. If you’re struggling to lose weight, check your attitude.

You Don’t Do Any Strength Training

Running is an excellent exercise. But if you never do any strength training, you might find it difficult to lose weight long-term. No matter what cardio you do, mix things up with strength training a few times a week. You can use hand weights, kettlebells, bodyweight, and resistance bands to do regular strength training. It’s important to find exercises that you can incorporate into your life so you’ll stick with it.

You Refuse to Eat Vegetables

Some things are good for you, and you should eat them. There are hundreds of options for vegetables. So, if you hate broccoli, that’s okay, try something else. Okra, kale, lettuce, cucumbers, and even peppers are all delicious options. Try them in different ways. Roasted, grilled, and raw are some ways to enjoy vegetables regularly. Don’t be a toddler when it comes to vegetables. They are filled with nutrients and the fiber is good for your gut.

You Put Unrealistic Expectations on Yourself

This isn’t The Biggest Loser. You won’t consistently lose 10 pounds a week when you’re trying to lose weight. That level of weight loss requires you to focus your entire day to exercise and eating according to very strict rules. The truth is, it’s just not sustainable. Don’t expect to lose a ton of weight every week. This is especially true as you get close to a healthy weight. These unrealistic expectations can cause disappointment, leading to quitting along the way. When you recognize that weight loss ebbs and flows, you’ll look at the changes you make as long-term instead of temporary.

You Aren’t Willing to Permanently Change Your Habits

This one is hard. No one wants to give up the things they enjoy forever, but sometimes, these things aren’t beneficial enough to keep in your life. If you aren’t willing to change your habits forever, you’ll constantly struggle with your weight and end up on a dieting rollercoaster. Be willing to change your habits. It’s okay to enjoy occasional treats or take a day off from your workouts, but make your new habits permanent and you’ll have more success.