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The cannabis industry has grown tremendously over the years, thanks to the legalization of cannabis and related products worldwide. However, as the industry continues to expand, competition may also creep in. How do you ensure that the cannabis industry becomes more sustainable? Below are exciting and practical ways that players and industry stakeholders can contribute to the industry’s growth and expansion in a sustainable manner. Find out what remedies can be applied to make the industry more lucrative for users. 

Water Conservation Should be Prioritized 

Many people may not know that growing exotic weed or any other type of cannabis requires a lot of water. It is safe to consider cannabis as one of the thirstiest plants around. It consumes about 6 gallons per plant per day, which is undoubtedly a high water intake. This is a requirement for the healthy growth of cannabis, not to mention higher yields. Seeing that water is an inevitable need, growers must have plenty of supply of it or find ways to grow the crop without using too much water.  

As such, growers are getting creative and trying different ways of growing cannabis. Some look to the possibilities of aeroponics as one of the easiest ways to minimize water consumption. Aeroponics is a technique that encourages plants to use water from humid air since there is no soil. 

Consequently, it can consume its nutrients from the misted air. Some people believe that this is a more efficient way for the plants to consume the water they need. Those who have tried it say that aeroponics allows plants to use up the water by 95%, thus minimizing wastage and reducing the need to water the plants. This is a more sustainable way of growing the plants versus in soil.  

Plants have a better ability to consume water when produced aeroponically compared to when they are grown in soil. It seems as though this will soon become a growing technique that cannabis growers will be looking into if proven to be an achievable strategy, especially since it can quadruple the yield. Sometimes when the effort is worth it, growers will be willing to explore it no matter how cumbersome it may seem. 

Find Means to Minimize Energy Consumption  

Much of the cannabis industry grows cannabis indoors. Consequently, there is a lot of manipulation of natural conditions such as water and lighting. One of the most common imitations has to do with lighting, where growers use grow lights to support the growth of their crops. These lights are not cheap, and neither are they free to run. They need electricity or other power sources to use.   

Technology must support the use of affordable energy to power such lights to grow cannabis crops sustainably. When the production cost is manageable, the chances are that cannabis will be grown more sustainably over the years. The opposite is true when the cost of production hits the roof.   

One of the best lights to use today is the LED lights. These not only convert energy better, but they also last longer. That means you don’t have to replace them so often which in turn minimizes the cost of production. All energy conservation efforts in this industry should be geared towards attaining a reasonable production price to enable the long-term growth of cannabis plants, which helps boost the industry’s growth without putting unnecessary pressure on all players. 

Boost Sustainable and Regenerative Farming  

This refers to a farming approach that is holistic more than it is quick-fixing. It means that everything from the growth of crops to preventive and curative measures taken on the product needs to support each other. In most cases, it discourages the use of chemicals that may interfere with the soil structure and destroy natural agents.  

Instead, it promotes measures that help enhance and better the soil without compromising the quality of the crop. This is where biodiversity comes to a full extent. Once cannabis growers manage to grow crops without affecting the natural order of things, growing the cannabis industry will be more sustainable. 

Manage Waste Disposal 

All industries have to manage waste that results from activities occurring within the sector. The cannabis industry is no different. They must properly dispose of everything from farm waste to manufacturing waste to avoid polluting the environment and causing deterioration.  

How well the cannabis industry manages to handle waste disposal within the sector may affect its sustainability. Waste mismanagement contributes significantly towards pollution, which harms the earth. Cannabis companies need to be compliant with laid-down cannabis waste disposal rules as this may affect their sustainability in the long term. 

Sustainable Packaging

This is a big deal for most industries. The cannabis world can be different by insisting on environmentally friendly packaging that boosts the earth’s health. Using plastic and other non-degradable materials has a severe negative impact on the earth. It interferes with the conducive environment for the growth of the cannabis plant, which means an effect on the availability of raw materials. 

Rather than becoming part of the industries responsible for the problems, it is best if the cannabis industry is the desired change. There should be policies guiding the packaging material used in this industry. That means pushing for biodegradable materials. If this is not possible, there should be a law that insists on using recyclable material as a package. Refillable packaging is best in such instances since less waste will find its way to the environment. It is essential to take care of the environment as you expand the industry. 

Final Thoughts  

There is great potential in the cannabis industry. However, it takes a lot to realize the potential and even more effort to ensure sustainability. The good news is that the cannabis industry can be here for the longest time with exemplary efforts. Everything from supporting better growth and yields to ensuring excellent use of resources and managing waste properly will all contribute to the suitability of the cannabis industry. Every stakeholder needs to play their part well and ensure that everything is done right. Read some more CBD articles here.

Author bio: Emma Wilson is a content specialist with a focus on health and wellness. 

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