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GreenPower’s EV Star at Zeem Solutions’ Inglewood California Facility

GreenPower Continues to Receive Significant Follow-on Orders for EV Star Product Line

Los Angeles, California, October 13, 2021– GreenPower Motor Company Inc. (NASDAQ: GP)(TSXV: GPV) (“GreenPower”), a leading manufacturer and distributor of zero-emission, electric powered medium and heavy-duty vehicles, today announced that Zeem Solutions (“Zeem”) took delivery in September of 24 GreenPower EV Stars, which is in addition to the 30 EV Stars delivered to Zeem since the beginning of this year.

GreenPower’s EV Star at Zeem Solutions’ Inglewood California Facility

Zeem Solutions provides e-mobility logistics solutions for small, medium and large fleet operators across the United States, offering a comprehensive solution that includes the vehicle, maintenance, charging and infrastructure for one monthly cost. The EV Stars sold to Zeem were previously on lease to Green Commuter.

The purpose-built EV Stars have been configured for 19 passengers with leather seats with additional features such as in-dash back up cameras and on-board telematics.

The EV Stars come standard with a 118kWh battery and a range of up to 150 miles as well as dual charging capabilities for both AC and DC Fast charging.

Paul Gioupis, CEO of Zeem Solutions, commented, “The GreenPower EV Star has been a great performing vehicle for us. For it has been well received by customers. This also marks our 54th delivery of an EV Star product to Zeem. One which is a milestone for both companies. Especially as we expect to continue this trajectory. Because we are working with GreenPower on additional deliveries. All by the end of the calendar year.”

Ryne Shetterly, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GreenPower, added, “The fact we are seeing additional orders from respected industry leaders like Zeem highlights GreenPower’s ability to not only deliver units over the immediate term, but to have those units perform to specifications and earn this type of follow-on business.” Shetterly continued, “We’ve seen a surge of interest in the EV Star. Especially as the economy reopens. Also Zeem is doing an incredible job at identifying those opportunities. Therefore we are helping GreenPower get the market exposure we deserve.”

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