Let’s talk a eco-friendly restaurant folks. It’s better to save the planet than you think here. Let me explain. For planet is in trouble and needs a hero to save her. No, it’s not Superman, however  the environmentally conscious restaurant owner that must answer the call.

Wait—did I just say, restaurants

Yes, it’s true; they contribute a lot to the global carbon footprint and make a huge impact. Are you considering going green at your food establishment? Then read on for great ways for your restaurant to help the environment.

Eco-friendly restaurant

1. It Saves Energy

Restaurants require a lot of energy, from powering restaurant equipment to keeping the lights on. Multiply the amount of energy needed per day by the number of days per year, and you have a shocking amount of energy consumption. Saving energy in the kitchen to help save the planet.

Kitchen equipment can feature energy efficiency. Check the Energy Star rating on the kitchen equipment to make sure they meet energy efficiency standards. Ovens, stovetops, grills, microwaves, and dishwashers are all potential energy savers.

2. It Helps the Planet

Restaurants have some of the heftiest carbon footprints in the world. They require extensive amounts of energy, water, and resources to operate. Consequently, they end up producing massive amounts of carbon dioxide, too.

Restaurants can help the planet by consciously using fewer resources to power their business operations; even the tiniest improvement helps. Each drop of water saved helps the oceans. Each unit of electricity conserved is one unit less to produce. If each restaurant does its part to help, then the planet may be able to survive for a few more million years.

3. It Helps Your Customers

The overall atmosphere of the establishment affects the mood of the customers. Customers patronize and return to restaurants that provide the environment they seek, from a serene scene to an upbeat one. A green restaurant can help customers feel trendy, hip, and responsible all at the same time.

Customers can feel good when purchasing from a restaurant. They can feel satisfied knowing that they are helping the world survive just a bit longer. They can feel like part of the crew that is serving humanity alongside other “woke” individuals.

Many customers enjoy taking pictures of the food establishments they visit and the meals they order. Customers will find it easy to snap a selfie at a green restaurant that helps the environment, snagging them plenty of likes and shares. Social media shares help both restaurants and customers alike.

4. It Makes Your Restaurant Unique

Restaurants are only starting to realize the potential of going green, so adopting early can set your kitchen apart from the pack. Customers love novelty and will not hesitate to shower you with plenty of monetary attention. Other restaurants will catch up eventually, but only after you take the glory.

Try decorating your restaurant with various sorts of greeneries, from potted plants to wall vines. The live decor freshens up the air while also bringing your restaurant to life. Customers will find the lush greens pleasing to the eye, good for the heart, and excellent backgrounds for selfies. You can even gain some inspiration from the best restaurants in Corpus Christi.

5. It Reduces Waste

Restaurants produce a lot of waste daily. Perishable foods can be stored temporarily but must be thrown away. These discarded foods end up in landfills and rot away to produce methane gas, a type of greenhouse gas.

Green food establishments can focus on purchasing only foods needed for daily consumption to minimize food waste. Acquiring and using just the necessary foods also stops industrial plants from having to expend energy to overproduce, too.

Restaurants Can Help the Planet, Too

Not everyone has the time, resources, energy, or creativity to drop everything and save the planet. Fortunately, you can do your part by turning your commercial kitchen into an environmentally friendly food establishment.

In addition, they are also notorious for producing large amounts of waste. I mean so it’s a big deal. Especially when even just one eco-friendly restaurant becomes eco-conscious. You, too, can help save the planet. That’s by introducing these changes to your eco-friendly restaurant today.

Author: Finnegan Pierson

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