Are you having trouble selling or trading in your old car? For car owners, when it comes to an old car, the first option is always to sell it. If that doesn’t work then trade it in. But if the car is not in great condition, you won’t get much for it. Which results in the car sitting and rotting away in their garage, further devaluing the car. 

We discuss how to get rid of an old car in eco-friendly ways, no matter the condition. In return, you get some cash and a clean conscience, that you played your part in contributing to a better environment. 

Sell it to a scrap yard

It is never easy getting rid of an old road companion. But there comes a point where the vehicle is hazardous to the environment and just not worth repair costs. When it comes to that point, rather than letting it rot away, you can sell it to a scrap car dealer. 

Scrap yards are subjected to a lot of regulations, ensuring they dispose of cars in an environmentally-friendly way. You get some cash for your car, while the scrap yard disposes of it. They strip the car apart completely. In most cases, they recycle around 80% of it. They repurpose most of its car parts, metal, and even tires. So, you limit your carbon footprint by disposing of your car in an environment-friendly way. 

Sell it in parts

You may be having trouble selling the car as a whole, but its parts are still valuable. If you know a thing or two about cars, you can take it apart yourself and sell its parts. The metal sheets, even rusted, could fetch some money. Take the sheets to any junkyard and sell them. They can process it and use it to create new metal sheets, which saves a ton of natural resources used to produce metal. 

You also have tires, a car engine, and tons of other parts you can sell off on eBay or through online classifieds. It may take time to sell the parts, but you can get decent money. By taking the car apart and selling most of it, you reduce your contribution to landfills. 

Find a pick and pull business

You don’t necessarily have to pick your car apart to sell it. You can find a lot that takes cars and allows people to come and pick it apart themselves. Keep in mind that you will only get a few hundred dollars for the car, while those that take it apart will get a lot more. But if you don’t have the time or the knowledge to take it apart yourself, this is a decent option. You don’t have to worry about anything, just hand the car over to the lot and they take care of the rest. 

Like selling for parts, pick and pull businesses make sure that most of the car is repurposed and reused. 

Donate it to charity

Numerous charities take car donations. They typically have laborers that help them either repair the car, if it is in working condition or strip it for parts to sell. In either way, your car will be repurposed in an environmentally-friendly way and you play your part in contributing to both society and the environment. 

Why is it important to dispose of your scrap car in eco-friendly ways

We discuss ways in which disposing of your car in eco-friendly ways contributes to a better environment.

Final thought

Don’t let your old car rust away in your garage. There are tons of ways you can get rid of it in an eco-friendly manner, from selling it to a scrap yard, donating it, or selling it for parts. No matter which option you go for, you can rest assured that it contributes to a better environment.

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