This article is about some wholesome bowls that you can easily cook at home and you can often make them because you can literally use the available ingredients present in your home. If you don’t have certain ingredients that you don’t have at home, you can always substitute them with whatever alternate is present at your home. These recipes have one common ingredient and that is green veggies like you can get from Dinnerly Coupons. Yet, they are so simple that it’s so hard to go wrong with them.

Let’s dive in…

Golden Tempeh Nourish Bowl

By mustafa türkeri

We are going to be cooking some golden tempeh nourish bowl with some seasoned red rice and portobello kale sauté. In this recipe, tempeh can be replaced with tofu if you don’t have them at home. 









This is the good thing about nourish bowls, you can just use your own ingredients depending on the amount of nourishment, you’d like to add more and manipulate the recipe according to your fondness. It doesn’t have to be this recipe in particular but could be any recipe that you may like or wish to plan for yourself today!

Garlic Tofu Nourish Bowl

By Ella Olsson

This nourishing bowl consists of black bean garlic tofu and noodles. This bowl contains two types of plant-based proteins.








That’s it, nourishable number two is ready for eating. You can also create your own kind of nourishable bowls but don’t forget to share the feedback on how it went overall in the comments section below.

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