Roof racks are a crucial component in vehicles- even electric cars. Some cars come with a factory-installed roof rack structure, while some don’t. If your automobile already has a roof rack, you won’t need to buy another one.

However, you may need to purchase accessories such as kayak carriers with universal fixing mechanisms to fit right onto those factory bars. Suppose you don’t have factory crossbars. The best move would be to buy a roof rack structure.

You’re probably wondering why your electric car would need a roof rack or want to purchase a frame for your vehicle but don’t know how to go about it. If that’s the case, this is the post for you.

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More About Electric Cars

Electric automobiles are faster than gas-powered cars and can go longer distances before their batteries need recharging.

Plus, driving an electric car emits no fumes and reduces the risk of breathing in harmful chemicals we inhale when we’re using gasoline-fueled vehicles. Electric cars run on electricity. They recharge through a plug-in charger at your home garage or by utilizing unique charging stations located around the city (or town).

About A Roof Rack Structure

A roof rack is a strong metal framework attached to the top of your vehicle. You probably see them on SUVs and hatchbacks every day, but some cars – such as sedans and electric cars- never come with factory-installed roof racks.

A proper roof rack has a solid metal base that creates a firm grip on the car, a smooth top that’s designed for laying down luggage and equipment, and sidebars to keep your luggage from falling off mid-drive. To know how to use a Roof Rack.

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Why You Need A Roof Rack For Your Electric Car

Modern cars come with several innovative features, including:

  1. Heated seats
  2. Powerful air conditioning systems and 
  3. Rear-view cameras.

They even have automatic wipers and sensors that keep you from getting in an accident. If your electric car is a recent model, it probably has a state-of-the-art battery system.

This battery banking institution is located under the hood of your car and powers all the electronic components from keyless entry to touch screens. To ensure you have sufficient power for your daily commute, tests show that you’ll need your car’s battery to last at least 150 miles.

The best way to preserve power is by ensuring you have a roof rack system in place. You already use your car’s roof for carrying luggage, gear, and equipment when going on road-tripping or camping. Why not make it easier on you with an electric vehicle?

You can use roof racks for electric cars if the space in the car isn’t enough. It’s the perfect storage space and, if it’s designed to take on heavy loads (like all quality racks), it could also double up as a safety tool should anything happen while you’re out and about.

Having a roof rack also lets you lay down luggage and other equipment across the top of your car. A roof rack gives you the flexibility and freedom to travel with what you need and eliminates the worry of having to leave something behind because it won’t fit in your vehicle.

What to Know Before You Purchase a Roof Rack For Your Electric Car

Here are some vital things you should learn before purchasing a roof rack system for your precious electric vehicle:

How Much Weight the Roof Rack Can Handle

Electric power is different from gasoline. You’ll need to know how much weight you’re hauling before deciding to invest in a roof rack system.

If Your Car is Compatible With Aftermarket Racks

You’ll need to check whether your vehicle is compatible with aftermarket racks and, if so, which ones. If you own a hatchback or SUV, it should be compatible with most frames as long as you have sufficient crossbars.

If the Roof Rack Can Fit Around Your Aftermarket Accessories

Most high-quality car rooftops include adjustable crossed bars that slide and lock into place. It’s crucial to ensure that any aftermarket accessories you buy – such as a bike rack or snowplow- can fit around your crossbars. Otherwise, it’s just not worth buying the roof rack.

If Your Electric Car Requires Any Specialized Equipment

Not all vehicles come with pre-installed racks, and you may need to attach rails across the entire surface of your vehicle to prevent scratching or affecting the paint job. Some luxury electric vehicles also have unique design features, including pre-installed attachments for future accessories.

If Your Roof Rack Interferes With Airflow

Minimizing wind resistance is vital to preserving battery power, so make sure you pay attention to airflow when buying a roof rack for your electric car. Even a car with a small spoiler can cause enough drag to affect your mileage.


A roof rack provides versatile and convenient storage space for all your gear. Whether you’re camping, going to work, or road-tripping across the country, you’ll always have room to store what you need. This is why you need one for your electric vehicle. Moreover, roof racks are easy to install. However, it’s always a wise move to seek the services of an expert if you experience any problems. Try a suitable roof rack structure today on your electric car and experience enjoyable and stress-free driving.

Author: Lisa Dinh

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