Los Angeles, California May 17, 2022 – GreenPower Motor Company Inc. (NASDAQ: GP) (TSXV: GPV) (“GreenPower”) is a leading manufacturer and distributor. That’s of zero-emission, electric-powered, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. The company says that its all-electric school buses are eligible for rebates. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (“EPA”) Clean School Bus program has $500 million for this year. Therefore, under the EPA program, qualifying purchasers of GreenPower’s Type D BEAST all-electric school bus are eligible for a rebate of up $375,000 and up to $285,000 for GreenPower’s Type A Nano BEAST all-electric school bus. Online applications are expected to open later this month.

In addition, EPA’s new Clean School Bus Program provides five billion dollars over five years (FY 2022-2026) to replace existing school buses with clean and zero-emission models to help bring healthier transportation solutions to students around the country. Moreover,  GreenPower’s innovative technologies can help school districts drive down fuel costs and minimize maintenance costs while delivering outstanding reliability and efficiency.

GreenPower’s All-Electric Type D BEAST School Bus. Photo courtesy of GreenPower Motor.

Apply for rebates through the EPA

In addition, the EPA recently announced that they will be accepting online applications from May to August 2022. A review and selection process will commence in September. The EPA will advise applicants of their status in October. Moreover, school districts that the EPA selects have to order electric or low-emission school buses by April 2023. That’s to qualify for the rebates.

“While the program is not first-come-first-served it is important to start this process as soon as possible,” said Michael Perez, Director of Contracts and Grants at GreenPower. “GreenPower remains committed to providing a better, cleaner and safer transportation future and has the knowledge and expertise in successfully working with incentive programs. We are here to navigate interested school districts through the process.”

Interested parties should contact michael@greenpowermotor.com for more information on GreenPower’s all-electric school buses and how to navigate the application process.

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