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Battery plant from Electrovaya coming to NY. FOR Governor Kathy Hochul today announced Electrovaya, Inc., a producer of lithium-ion batteries for transportation and utility storage. It has also selected the Town of Ellicott in Chautauqua County as the location for its first U.S. plant. For this  publicly traded company will create its newest production facility. Thereby generating up to 250 jobs. Moreover, when they are fully operational, they will produce over a GWh of batteries annually. The investment supports the broader New Energy New York initiative. Therefore, the goal is to create a National Hub for Battery Innovation and Manufacturing.

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“New York State continues to play a leading role in the research and development of advanced, cutting-edge, and innovative energy technologies,” Governor Hochul said.“Thanks to state resources, Electrovaya is bringing up to 250 jobs to Chautauqua County and deepening New York’s involvement in the growing clean energy sector. The race is on to capture the high-paying jobs that come with clean tech. There is no place like New York for these manufacturers to grow, operate, and thrive.”

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Moreover, the company will set up operations at 1 Precision Way in an effort to tap into the robust lithium-ion battery demand for e-forklifts, e-trucks, and e-buses. Additionally, Electrovaya selected this southern Chautauqua County facility. That’s after determining it as the best location for the company to provide services to its growing customer base in the United States. Moreover, it’s given its skilled labor force and available renewable electricity, amongst other advantages.

CEO of Electrovaya, Dr. Raj Das Gupta, said:

“As the United States and world enter an unprecedented phase of growth for electric vehicles and electro-mobility, lithium-ion batteries and the components within them are crucial for the industry’s success. Electrovaya is proud to bring our sustainable technologies and approaches to New York State as Electrovaya’s first United States-based commercial facility. The facility will produce lithium-ion cells and modules, critical components for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. We are pleased to support the creation of high-quality jobs in Chautauqua County. And look forward to our continued growth in Western New York.”

About Electrovaya

Electrovaya Inc. has industry-leading performance and substantial intellectual property. It is a leader in the global energy transformation, focused on contributing to the prevention of climate change by supplying safe and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. In addition, Electrovaya designs, develops, and manufactures proprietary lithium-ion batteries, battery systems, and battery-related products. They’re for energy storage, clean electric transportation, and other specialized applications.


In addition, Empire State Development (ESD) is assisting the project with up to $4 million. That’s also through the performance-based Excelsior Jobs Tax Credit Program. Moreover, $2.5 million in Regional Council Capital Funding will also establish the production. Not to mention the manufacturing facility for lithium-ion batteries at a former manufacturing facility. It will leverage the creation of 250 new jobs and the production of 1GWh of battery and energy storage devices. That’s over the next five years. In July, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) Board of Trustees approved a more than 1.5-megawatt low-cost hydropower allocation to Jamestown under the Power Authority’s Industrial Economic Development program to meet the increased electric load resulting from Electrovaya’s Town of Ellicott expansion. Therefore, the initial cost for the facility is approximately $75 million, and it will open in the fall of 2023.

Source:  Michigan Business

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