New York, NY (October 25, 2022) — To mark the 3rd annual World Circular Textiles Day, which took place on October 8th, an action-oriented Roundtable with a select group of industry pioneers came together at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to identify realistic and achievable priority milestones over the next three decades to create the foundation for a Roadmap to Full Textiles Circularity. 

Imagery Courtesy of LENZING and Lisa Kato

Representatives from the co-founding organizations of World Circular Textiles Day (WCTD), including Circle Economy (Netherlands), Centre for Circular Design (London), and Worn Again Technologies (UK), together with Lenzing Fibers (US) and in collaboration with the United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network hosted the Circular Textiles Roundtable with key stakeholders from across the circularity landscape, including textile collectors and sorters to brands/retailers, industry associations and policymakers. 

The United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network, a joint initiative of the Fashion Impact Fund and the United Nations (UN) Office for Partnerships, is an UN-hosted online platform for industry stakeholders, media, Governments, and UN system entities to showcase collaborations that accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Participants came together to vision and populate a textiles circularity roadmap to 2050. Moreover, identifying key milestones for transitioning from the current linear model to one which is circular. Specifically, where products and materials are kept in continual circulation. That means they replace the use of virgin materials use. In addition, industry workers receive inequitable, socially just and resilient societies. 

The roundtable took a future system thinking approach across three core themes:

Materials and Planetary boundaries

Products and Services

People and Society

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