Heat loss

A huge part of the world today is going through a serious energy crisis. So get smart I saw on heat loss. Energy resources are more scarce and expensive than ever, so it’s natural that you want to save up money on heating the upcoming winter. However, no matter where you live, somewhere very cold like Canada or somewhere quite hot like Australia, you can always benefit from certain fixes that will ensure your home is well insulated and protected from wasteful heat loss.

Fix leaks around doors

In most cases, people who want to improve their heat retention at home choose to address leaks around doors. This is a logical and effective solution to the problem, especially when you consider the amount of heat you can lose from door gaps. A 1/8 gap under a door can waste as much heat as a 2.4-inch hole in the wall. No matter how horrible the draught is, it’s unrealistic to expect your doors to be 100% sealed—you wouldn’t be able to enter your house. Instead of a total seal, fix small gaps left behind with door sweeps that will block cold air from entering your home.

Insulate your floors

Few people would consider floor insulation when trying to reduce heat waste from their homes, but floor insulation is a great way to do that. In most cases, homes lack insulation between the floor and the ground, which causes a lot of heat loss. If you live in an older building, you can lay your insulation on the floor surface. Consider installing floor heating if you’re ready for a bigger renovation project. This way of heating is much more energy efficient than regular radiators and you can have a warm space long after turning off the heat supply.

Insulate your roof

Your home loses a lot of precious heat through poor loft and roof insulation. It’s crucial to put adequate ceiling and loft insulation to remove gaps around hatches, cables and pipes and minimize air leaks. When looking for air leaks, just go outside when it’s frosty or snowy and look for frost and ice-free areas—these usually release all the hot air out. It’s best to let specialists handle all roof works because climbing up there can be quite dangerous. For instance, in Australia, painting roofs is very popular and beneficial for energy efficiency. So while you have your experts in roof painting in Sydney on the roof, ask them to check for any leaks. Proper roof paint will also help seal your roof and prolong its life, meaning your family can experience better protection and less possibility of unsuspected damage.

Upgrade your windows

Your home can also lose heat through windows. Therefore, it’s smart to invest in double or triple-glazed windows that create a pocket of air between the panes and offer good insulation. You can also use proper caulking around the windows to seal the gaps and prevent heat loss. Also, as you know, windows are made of glass in order to let in the light. While you can seal any holes around the windows, the cold can still seep through the glass. No matter how thermally-insulated or glazed your windows are, they are not as protective as walls. A good fix for this issue lies in insulating curtains that trap the air between the glass and the room, keeping the heat inside. These also offer some additional noise and light insulation, which makes them a great addition to every home.

Seal your chimney

People used wood-burning furnaces and fireplaces for centuries to keep their homes warm. Unfortunately, these were quite inefficient because they not only used a lot of fuel, but a lot of heat they produced went straight out the chimney. If your home still has a fireplace you only use as decoration, it’s good to know that your home is losing a lot of warm air through that hole in the roof. You can install a chimney balloon and prevent unwanted air leaks to keep the heat inside even when the fireplace is not in use. This is a very primitive yet effective solution—just take a special balloon, shove it up the chimney and inflate it to seal the gaps.

Try to employ all of these heat-saving strategies and watch as your energy bill reduces. Your home will be nice and toasty while you reduce your energy bill more and more with every day.

Author: Diana Smith

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