Tesla Recall of 300,000 Vehicles Rekindles ‘Update’ Word Choice Debate

That’s right folks. I got interviewed by TheStreet.Com about Tesla. issues a recall over taillight problems one day after recalling thousands of cars due to airbag deployment issues.

The people at Tesla (TSLA) may feel the same way.


Seth Leitman, The Green Living Guy interviewed by TheStreet.com

The electric vehicle maker recently issued back-to-back recalls in November, in addition to another one earlier in the month. The company has had a total of 19 so far this year.

In the latest incident, Tesla recalled more than 321,000 vehicles due to a taillight problem.

So their question is about now brake lamps, backup lamps and turn signal lamps are not affected by this condition. So a recall is physical. Then why is Elon doing software updates. I thought it was the future. Look at cell phones. Updates to tech are updated to tech. It might improve fuel economy, safety etc but it’s an improvement. This is safety though.

Tesla said that during the week of Oct. 24, it had received complaints “primarily from foreign markets” that claimed the vehicle taillights were not illuminating.

Source: Tesla Motors

My Comment

Seth Leitman, author and electric vehicle industry analyst, said he favors the term “update” if the service call is only about the software.null

“If it’s a mechanical or electrical issue then that’s a recall in my opinion,” he added.

Source: TheStreet.Com

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