By Renewable Energy World – 11.22.2022

What is most importantly being billed as one of Europe’s largest battery energy storage systems. For it most notably has entered service. Moreover in England.

It was developed by Harmony Energy Limited. They are using a Tesla 2-hour Megapacks system. For the Pillswood project is near Hull. In addition, it also has the capacity to store up to 196 MWh of electricity. That’s most importantly and in a single cycle.

The megapacks project is expected to provide balancing services to the British
The Pillswood Energy Center is one of Europe’s largest BESS deployments. CreditL Harmony Energy

The megapacks project is expected to provide balancing services to the British electricity grid network. In addition, it will also enable the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy.

The site is adjacent to National Grid’s Creyke Beck substation. For that’s the same connection point proposed for phases “A” and “B” of the Dogger Bank wind farm. All which is set to enter service next summer. 

Construction of the Pillswood project was managed by Tesla. The project was also originally intended to become operational over two phases. One in December 2022 and another in March 2023. The timetable was also accelerated. For that was to enable both phases to energize in November. All in time to support National Grid in its efforts. That’s to provide stable and secure power to UK households over what is forecast to be a challenging winter.

Why This Matters!

Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine has led to natural gas supply disruptions across Europe. For it’s affecting electricity production across the continent.

The project will be operated through Autobidder. That’s Tesla’s algorithmic trading platform. One which also has managed the Holes Bay and the Contego projects. That’s also for two existing battery storage projects. Those also developed by Harmony Energy Limited. All in conjunction with FRV.

In conclusion, Harmony Energy Income Trust also said that Pillswood is the start. For it’s the first of six similar projects. Those the Trust plans to deliver in the coming year.

Source: Renewable Energy World