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In today’s food industry, the demand for sustainably sourced and traced ingredients for organic herbs and spices. For it has been increasing rapidly. This has led to the emergence of companies like Verger, founded by Nuwan Delage. Nuwan is a Sri Lankan ingredients producer. One who recently presented his products at BioFach. In this context, Ilan Ron of LycoRed discusses the evolving ingredient marketplace and where opportunities for growth exist. All the while a new report sheds light on variable DNA contents of polar bodies.

Ingredient organic food

So Nuwan presented sustainably sourced and traced organic herbs and spices. Located at the BioFach conference. The demand for traceability and organic and sustainability certifications is increasing. Pronatec also introduced Swiss organic and fairtrade products. That’s like chocolate, spices, vanilla, and also semi-finished cocoa. In addition, Agrana showcased plant-based ice creams and also breakfast options. All the while EcoCatalysts introduced ESG (Environmental Social Governance).

So Arla Foods Ingredients presented a hydration concept. For that’s using whey protein to support rehydration for active people. Moreover, DSM is innovating with its Vertis line of plant proteins. [1] [2] [3]


As the food industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for companies to adapt to the growing. Also the demand for sustainable and traceable ingredients. Nuwan Delage’s Verger is an excellent example of a company that is meeting this demand, with its sustainably sourced and traced organic herbs and spices. Ilan Ron’s insights about the evolving ingredient marketplace, along with the new report on variable DNA contents of polar bodies, further highlight the importance of keeping up with the latest trends and advancements in the food industry.

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