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Planters plant at home. For home is a space in which we spend most of our lives. So we must add a touch of greenery. One inspired by nature. For then it becomes even more authentic. Making the day with a cup of coffee and newspaper in one hand. I mean your garden gives a sense of belonging. So let’s kick start our day. That’s with zeal and enthusiasm.

Planters Plant in Garden

For their garden is not only a common space. Yet it is a space made with one’s hand in with they tie beautiful memories. When creating a beautiful and lush green outdoor space. So one of the key elements is choosing the right outdoor planters.

Planters Plant at Home

They provide a home for your plants. In addition they are adding an aesthetic touch to your garden or balcony. If you’re residing in Bangalore, you’re in luck. Especially as they  are available offline and online. All with the zenith variety of planters. We will provide you with every taste, be it classic, timeless, unique, or contemporary; you’re sure to find the perfect planter to suit your needs here at Green Carpet-The Garden Store.

Planters plant. Green carpet

Why Choose Green Carpet to Plant?

1. Wide Range of Planters: We offer a wide range of outdoor planters such as earthly terracotta planters, appealing resin planters, garden pots Bangalore , aesthetic ceramic planters, wooden planters, steel planters, hanging planters, and whatnot! You can also choose among the colors and shapes, such as square, round, rectangular planters, etc., suiting your background balcony or garden. 

2. High-Quality Products: We believe in giving an experience rather than just selling the pot or planters, as our product will be used to give a prolonged life to our plant babies. Our designs are made to last. We value and understand that good quality planters are essential for your plant’s health and outdoor space’s aesthetics. The planters we sell are directly linked to our aim of fostering a culture where we want everyone to plant a tree so that we can have a better tomorrow for our children.

3. Convenient Online Shopping:

Their online store is easy to navigate. Also so you can shop for outdoor planters from the comfort of your home. You can get free shipping on orders above a specified amount. Thus giving you one more reason to shop with us. Our entire range is available on our website- 

Also, they ship countrywide.

4. Offline Store- We are available offline with a brick-and-mortar store in Bangalore. We are available to serve at any time of the day. You can come and experience live the products we offer, and our team will guide you through the options that will be suited according to the plant type and location.

Bring color and a touch of nature to your garden, balcony, or office with planters from Green Carpet.


If you’re searching for the best outdoor planters in Bangalore, look no further than us. Outdoor planters allow you to cultivate your green thumb and add natural beauty to your space.


With various sizes, styles, and finishes, our collection has a planter for every outdoor space. Whether you’re adding to your planter collection or just beginning to decorate your outdoor space with plants and other blooms, we are sure to find the right planter for you here.

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