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Tuesday 25 October 2005

The Business Case for Electric Vehicles

I know by the reaction of most people that electric vehicles are cool. The reaction that I normally get is something like “This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!” I have been dealing with battery electric vehicles for five years now. I also think that they are cool…

Top Image: Electrical vehicle in car sharing station, Milan, Italy. Viappy /
Top Image: Electric vehicle in car sharing station, Milan, Italy. Viappy /

I have been exploring ways to turn a profit on this cool technology for a few months now. Business can be very hard. If it is easy to make money, everyone would be doing it. It is survival of the fittest, like most natural systems. Building an electric car is not cheap. The electrical parts are in the thousands of dollars, as well as the batteries. The business plan is very risky no matter how I look at it.

A Classic Ford Model T versus a Modern Electric Ford Model T

By John Gilkison

How swapping the engine and drive train of a classic Ford Model T could create a much better driving experience, save energy, and reduced emissions. This blog revisits Henry Ford’s and Thomas Edison’s idea of producing a electric Model T for the masses using modern technology and examines the benefits a modern electric drive train would bring to this classic car.

A Classic Ford Model T versus an Electric Ford Model T

By John A Gilkison and Phillip R Knox

From 1912 to 1916 Henry Ford and Thomas Edison collaborated to build an Electric Model T for the masses. Their aspirational goal was a battery pack that was capable of 55 pounds of battery per horsepower hour. The work ended in 1916 when the Edison b…

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