In 2005, then-leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, made a bold pledge. That’s to take strong action on the environment. He promised to make the environment a top priority and to work towards creating a more sustainable future for the UK and the world.

Cameron’s Environmental Credentials

Cameron’s commitment to the environment was reflected in his policies and his leadership. He introduced a range of measures to promote green energy. Also, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the natural environment. Under his leadership, the Conservative Party became increasingly focused on environmental issues.

David Cameron going strong on environment

Tough Action on Climate

Change Cameron promised to take tough action on climate change. For that’s including introducing a carbon tax and investing in renewable energy. He also pledged to work towards a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to support developing countries in their efforts to tackle climate change.

Protecting the Natural Environment

In addition to his focus on climate change, Cameron also promised to protect the natural environment. He pledged to create more national parks and protected areas, and to work towards reducing air and water pollution.

Support for Green Businesses

Cameron recognized the role that businesses can play in creating a more sustainable future. He promised to provide support for green businesses and to encourage investment in clean energy and sustainable technologies.

Legacy on the Environment

Cameron’s commitment to the environment had a lasting impact on the Conservative Party and on UK politics more broadly. His policies helped to promote a more sustainable future and to raise awareness of environmental issues. His legacy is reflected in the continued focus on environmental issues by the Conservative Party and in the UK’s leadership on climate change.


David Cameron’s commitment to the environment was a significant moment in UK politics. His focus on climate change, protecting the natural environment and supporting green businesses. For it helped to create a more sustainable future. Although his time as Prime Minister has come to an end, his legacy on the environment is one that will continue to inspire action for years to come.

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