First Neutral CO(2) Global Warming Biodiesel Plant To Be Built

It’s a fact according to some that biodiesel fuel in diesel engines will reduce CO(2) Global Warming Gases (by 78%).

However to make bio-diesel generates CO2.

Green Star Products, Inc. Wanted to build the first biodiesel plant to emit almost zero net Global Warming Gases (GWG)(CO(2)) from direct plant production of biodiesel.

It is an established fact that the use of biodiesel fuel in diesel engines will reduce CO(2) Global Warming Gases (by 78% on a life cycle basis).

However, the biodiesel plants that produce biodiesel do emit GWG because they require heating input usually from natural gas, which is not renewable and emits CO(2), and they also require electricity from local utilities, which emit CO(2), and finally the chemical processes uses 10% methanol (wood alcohol) usually supplied from sources outside the U.S. and made from natural gas, all of which add to Global Warming and are not renewable.

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