The demand for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) is on the rise. Moreover and with it is the demand for charging infrastructure. In addition, PEVs offer a cleaner and more sustainable alternative. For that’s to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Especially and as technology advances. Then they are becoming more accessible and affordable.

The Growth of Plug-In Electric Vehicles

According to a report by the International Energy Agency, the global stock of electric vehicles surpassed 5 million in 2018, up from just 17,000 in 2010. In the US, the number of charging wasn’t enough for the PEVs sold in 2019. For that’s reached a record high of 328,000. That’s a 72% increase from the previous year.

The Need for Charging Infrastructure

As the number of PEV vehicles on the road increases. Especially so does the need for charging infrastructure. PEVs can be charged at home, but public charging stations are essential for longer trips and for those who don’t have access to private charging.

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In response to this need, companies like ChargePoint, EVgo, and Electrify America are building out nationwide charging networks. In addition, local governments and businesses are installing charging stations. That’s in public areas and parking lots.

The Benefits of Plug-In Electric Vehicles

So charging PEV vehicles offer numerous benefits. Especially over traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. They emit less greenhouse gas emissions, reducing air pollution and improving public health. They also offer a smoother and quieter driving experience, and lower operating costs.

In addition, as the electricity grid becomes cleaner, PEVs become even more sustainable. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, a typical PEV charged on the US grid produces lower global warming emissions than a gasoline-powered vehicle that gets 50 miles per gallon.

The Future of Electric Vehicles in the US/ Rapid Growth of the EVgo Charging Network (largest in nation)
The Future of Electric Vehicles in the US/ Rapid Growth of the EVgo Charging Network (largest in nation)


The demand for PEVs is growing, and with it, the demand for charging infrastructure. As more companies and governments invest in charging networks, the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation system becomes more feasible.


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