The Green Living Guy

It is a wonderful thing to teach a child certain values that they can use in life, but to teach them how to make life better for themselves and others, brings that learning to a whole new level. The children at Newburgh Free Academy, are just one group of many, that’s not only learning how to make living better for themselves, but for those around them. These children not only understand the value of living “green”, but they are helping to make it that way. They have chosen to build “Green”.

According to the Hudson Valley Magazine, the Newburgh Free Academy has created seven solar cars, three solar bikes, and two electrical vehicles. These high school students, have not only built solar cars, but also race them. They have recently won two first place trophies in the “Green Grand Prix’ race.

They are not just living for today, but securing their and future generations livelihood by choosing to help the environment instead of destroying it.
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