How The Green Living Guy lost 20 pounds from July – October 2009

I know everyone talks about how they lose weight but it really is amazing that I could lose as much weight as I did.

Here were my “secrets to success” if you really want to call them that.

1) I don’t drink milk or sweeteners with my coffee

2) I drink water water water. 

More importantly, the type of water that I am drinking is important.  I am drinking heavily alkaline water.  The water I have been drinking is called eVamor.  It has 100 times the alkalinity of any other water out there and it is also artesian water too.  

I have also been involved with drinking Kangen water (we’ll get into that later) that seems to have serious anti-oxidant qualities.  While it is difficult to get since you have to buy a machine that is way out of my price league but it seems to be working on me.  I have been getting water from one person in my area that has a machine that makes this Kangen water.

It has been a task to get that water so I have stuck with the eVamor in the meantime.

The transformation has been amazing for me and I recommend that people cut their dairy intake and also drink alkaline water.  It works for me and can work for you!! I will in further posts discuss alkaline water and what is awesome about it but it is important to note 20 lbs in not shabby!!\

20 more to go!!