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Holy BP Clean up exclusive! Sources at Deep Water Horizon and I spoke about the remediation and cleanup of the Gulf Coast.  This conversation was alarming.  The CEO of BP (Tony Hayward) was of English accent too.  Then I knew ew I got someone here.

This CEO was responding to a question I posed about giving jobs to the fisherman by letting them skim back and forth in the coast using hay.  I thought this was interesting since it would still cleanup the ocean.  Then I asked why they wouldn’t use the hair booms and he stated they would sink.  Not if you drag the booms across the ocean as a skimmer.  What a pompous person this guy was. I mean the chemical dispersants.

I started off the interview by asking this source if he was aware of the possibility of using hay for cleanup since it has been widely known as a GREEN possibilty for cleanup.  Hayward stated that they were aware of the option but since when you soak up the oil and there is still a residue, they chose not to use it.  The next interview I have with them will be why not use two sets of hay; hey??!!

I then asked CEO Tony what where BP’s next steps were.  He added that the EPA has even requested that BP bring back the toxic cleaning products to clean at the source of the spill so as to reduce the amount of the dispersant.  They added that they have reduced the total use of chemical dispensants by 75%.  Once I added that there was concern about dispensants to the ocean he apologized to the environmentalists but insisted that the EPA requested the use of the chemical.

The following question was about how the booms were being used.  He stated that they have over 2.4 million miles of booms using a poly based substance (plastic) as filters and they have another 2.4 million miles ready to disperse. When asked how far they are trying to keep the oil away from shores the spokesman stated about 100 miles.  However, recent reports show that this is not true.

More to come shortly as we know this issue is far from over.

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