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It’s heartbreaking to see the devastation of our coast and the pristine environment around the Bay of Plenty region because of the ongoing oil spill crisis.

But what’s simply unacceptable is for the owners of the ship to fail to commit to funding the clean up effort while increasing investor’s dividends by millions of dollars.  

New Zealanders have been outraged and shocked by this environmental disaster. Locals and government officials are working around the clock on the clean up process but this effort is going to take more than people power – it’s likely to cost millions of dollars. Costamare, the owner of the ship, is yet to commit to funding any local projects restoring our coast after the oil spill.  

Now is our opportunity to make sure the company is held to account – they are in the public and media eye and a massive public outcry is needed right now so they can’t just turn their backs on the mess they have created.

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Article – Costamare increases dividend payout to investors:

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