If We Wrap the World 190 Times A Year With Plastic Bottles, Why Not Re-Use It For Apparel??

Recently I was brought back to the idea of what A Lot To Say, the company has to offer for the green economy.

Forget the fact that according to The Associated Press, A sailboat largely constructed from 12,500 recycled plastic bottles docked in Sydney Harbour on Monday, after four difficult months crossing the Pacific Ocean on a journey meant to raise awareness about the perils of plastic waste.

Plus MSNBC reported:

Only about 12 percent of “custom” plastic bottles, a category dominated by water, were recycled in 2003, according to industry consultant R.W. Beck, Inc. That’s 40 million bottles a day that went into the trash or became litter. In contrast, the recycling rate for plastic soft drink bottles is around 30 percent.

While watching TV with my family at home, I saw the Brita commercial that stated with: last year the United States used and dumped enough plastic bottles to go around the world 190 times.  OK, so I get the whole Brita thing (they are not sponsors) every plastic bottle, the filter and water quality.

Water quality is a whole other aspect since A Lot To Say doesn’t even use water to make their apparel.  That’s a big thing since most clothing companies use water somewhere in their processes vs You getting that water.

Anyway, it brought me back to the ideas I had been talking about regarding the company and A Lot To Say. I respect the way they do things. Why?  Because their apparel is 100% recycled plastic bottles.

That is the concept of taking away from landfills and giving something back to us as taxpayers since who owns the landfills?

Even better than ever in a new way.

That’s sustainability and corporate sustainability because it will bring corporate profits.

Why?  I remember when I did own stocks and I saw big companies (forget the names and recycled the annual reports) using recycled steel and mentioning that it helped to their bottom-line.

Then I thought what about 100% recycled steel.  I mean how many cans of aluminum cans or steel. iron, wood, you name it are ready to be picked up everyday for use.  A Lot To Say chose to go 100% recycled and a real commitment to working with large companies to get their stuff recycled to the committment of reuse.

Now I am not trying to be soapboxie but I mean when do we as society, corporations, people, start to REALLY change our ways?  When do we do things for the benefit of economic and environmental conservation.  When does preservation means you recoup that can or plastic bottle for efficiency and inevitably real profitability for all of the world?

How about NOW!  A Lot To Say is one small step at a time.

You see..

It can really happen.  I believe that.  I really, really do.