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The THINK electric vehicle announced that they were working with AeroVironment, Inc. (AV) to develop high end charging or fast charging for the THINK City electric vehicle (EV). 

AV is one of the leaders in fast charging worldwide for electric cars

As you can imagine, this is intended to jump-start the fast-charge infrastructure in the United States.  This is a huge development for the company since it will currently provide EV owners the opportunity to fast charge their car like they would refuel their vehicle.  I might take slightly longer, but it’s cheaper and zero tailpipe emissions.

There is no question that for mass acceptance of the electric car, their is not just a need for EVs to be introduced into the marketplace.  It has to be as easy as fueling a car so the transition is easier.

“THINK and AeroVironment are setting a new standard for extremely quick re-charging – zero to 80 percent in just 15 minutes,” said THINK CEO Richard Canny. “This is a major leap forward for electric vehicles. The development and deployment of very-fast-charge stations will help speed the electrification of automobiles in the United States and globally.”

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