Excerpt from Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle:

Ready to run Prius plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are more available from independent manufacturers and their dealers today.  Here are some examples.

Hymotion:  With the backing of A123 Systems and General Electric, this can really be a great thing for US jobs.  Hymotion developed a great plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) conversion system and established a dealership network across the country; it’s conversion system is meant for the second-generation Toyota Prius.

As we know, PHEVs have the potential to be far lower in cost than gas engines in the future, when economies of scale from increased production kick-in (stimulus says what???) the cost will drop.  While there are more parts to a PHEV than an electric car, the PHEV components you put into the car are less than the gas engine.  In addition, as gas continues to rise in price, the cost incentives will increase.

Many PHEV conversions use the 2004 Toyota Prius for model years 2004 and earlier.  Some of the systems have involved replacement of the vehicle’s original nickel-metal hydride battery pack and the electronic controls. 

Others are: Hymotion  



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