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While the title of the article was pretty funny in my opinion.  They called it Our Green President, George W. Bush!  Funny part is in a way they were kind of correct.  However, I am more excited about the fact that right leaning news such as Fox Business News can appreciate going green.  So on my Facebook page, I declared that Republicans and the Right can now start to like going green.

Here is an excerpt:

President Barack Obama has chided the federal government  to be more energy efficient with cost-saving moves, as part of his groundbreaking initiative to transform the nation’s energy infrastructure. Doing so would save tens of billions of dollars, the administration has argued.

What’s gone unnoticed is President George W. Bush had already launched the federal government on an energy efficiency program back in 2003, a program that is already saving U.S. taxpayers lots of money, notes Seth Leitman, otherwise known as The Green Living Guy.

Leitman is the author of a number of alternative energy books, including “Green Lighting, Build Your Own Electric Vehicle,” “and the Green Guru Guides for McGraw-Hill. Leitman also worked for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority  on marketing and managing alternative-fueled vehicle and electric vehicle programs.

“Before we get into political fights over cutting government waste on energy, the federal government is already well on its way in cutting waste in its energy,” says Leitman.

The federal government spends an estimated $500 billion annually on its energy needs, from light bulbs to cars to fuel, Leitman says, and that budget is coming down. “The government is already trying to be efficient and has been efficient during both Republican and Democrat administrations,” he says.

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