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Back in November, the website the Crunchy Chicken (what a fun name) chose to do a review of the book Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits; part of the Green Guru Guides.  This review was part of the Eco Libris campaign for a green books campaign. 

The Crunchy Chicken (Deanna Duke) has chickens at her Seattle abode.  She has had the fortune of being interviewed as a green expert by major media outlets such as The New York Times, USA Today, The Scientific American and even the National Enquirer (please see the Media page for full listing, if you are interested). Technorati has kindly listed this blog in the top 3,000 blogs and I get a goodly amount of traffic – know you are in good company as there are about 50,000 other readers out there.

She really liked the book since (in her own words):

It is written in a very conversational tone, which makes reading it straight through or a section at a time enjoyable. The author, an energy expert, comes across as a friend giving you advice, rather than a know-it-all telling you what to do. I found it to be an easy read and picked up some great advice, much of which I’ll be trying to implement this winter. You can look forward to me sharing some of the things I learned from this book.

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