Earth Friendly Products award-winning eco-friendly cleaning products, is pleased to announce the opening of its brand new manufacturing facility in Addison, Illinois. The facility boasts 312 solar panels, making it the “single largest solar-powered commercial facility in Illinois.”

The addition of natural energy is just another way that Earth Friendly Products is reducing its carbon footprint or energy consumption at this plant by 50 percent using solar power in an effort to keep the environment as clean as its products.

Bonus To Work At A Green Facility

The facility, which represents an effort to support local production and employment, opened June 10, 2010.  To mark the occasion, Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, Vice President of Earth Friendly Products hosted a press conference at the facility, tours and a gala celebration in the evening with local elected officials and key business leaders from the Chicago-area.

“We are pleased to open a larger, greener facility in the Chicago area, which is not only where Earth Friendly Products began more than 40 years ago, but also a place that has made huge efforts in recent years to make being green a priority,” said Van Vlahakis, CEO of Earth Friendly Products.

“Earth Friendly Products recognizes the great opportunity we have to contribute to those efforts by opening a plant that uses solar power and produces the ecofriendly products that help keep the greater Chicago area clean and green.”

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Operational since September 2009, the new facility points to the steady growth that Earth Friendly Products continues to experience despite the current economic downturn.

While most companies are continuing to scale back, Earth Friendly Products stands at the forefront of the new “Green” economy by opening a plant that represents an increase in need for ecofriendly products in the Heartland, despite cut-backs in overall spending.

solar panels being installed for power

While working to meet the expanded consumer demand for green cleaning products despite the rough economic climate, Earth Friendly Products recently celebrated Earth Day 2010 by giving employees at the Addison facility an extra week’s pay as a thank you for their hard work opening the facility and their efforts in the green movement. HEY CAN I GET SOME OF THAT??

“The Addison employees’ hard work symbolizes a huge step in bringing a green lifestyle to every person,” said Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, Vice President of Earth Friendly Products. “We could not have opened this facility without them and we could not continue to on our path to make every home a green home without the tireless efforts of our Addison team.”

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