The Green Living Guy

Gool Santchurn is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Envipco Holding N.V in the Netherlands and the Environmental Products Corporation in the US, since 2003.

He also serves as Board member of several privately held companies involved in different industries around the world. He is a graduate of Emile Woof College of Accountancy in London, UK.

He is also a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the United Kingdom as well as member of the British Institute of Management and the British Institute of Directors.

Gool is considered a leader in the development and operation of reverse vending machines (RVMs) across the world – has put together the below “Three Predictions for Recycling in 2011.”

  1. 2011 will signal a shift in the way consumers recycle their beverage containers. If you make it fun, easy, convenient, safe and rewarding at the same time, it will become second nature to most of us.  Disruptive technologies in recycling and reverse vending will help speed the process along and make it that much more consumer friendly.  It’s ENVIPCO’s goal to lead the way in this regard.

Reimagine is a fully-engineered recycling solution geared for the non-deposit market.

  1. More and more consumers are demanding vendors to take care of our environment by making effective reuse of its packaging.  2011 will see more responsible actions from the industry to encourage recycling.  Rewarding such civic actions will start to become the norm – particularly now since consumers are becoming accustomed to receiving awards for day-to-day activities.

  2. Tracking and encouraging recycling habits will become even more prominent on the agenda of our political leaders intending to prevent waste and save the planet.  Cost and technology innovation will be the major aspects in achieving these goals.

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