M.E. Heuck Co. has launched ZEROCA™, the first CarbonNeutral® certified brand of cookware and kitchen gadgets designed and manufactured to let people cook with style while helping preserve the earth for future generations.

“We are very proud and excited to bring ZEROCA™ to market,” said Chris McCarthy, President, M.E. Heuck Co. “As the first line of CarbonNeutral® kitchenware, we have taken a giant step to reduce the environmental impact of an entire line of products that families use every day. By measuring and reducing our carbon footprint product line to net zero, ZEROCA™ will have the strongest environmental position possible.”

ZEROCA™ has received its CarbonNeutral® certification through partnerships with First Carbon Solutions and The CarbonNeutral Company. These corporate partners measure, monitor and certify ZEROCA™’s carbon footprint to be net zero. In addition, all pots and pans in the ZEROCA™ line are made with 100% recycled steel and responsibly farm-managed bamboo handles, further demonstrating the brand’s mission of sustainability.

Through the purchase of carbon offsets, every metric ton of CO2 emitted by ZEROCA™ (including energy consumption, transportation of sold products to the first customer, raw materials and waste management) is matched by an equivalent CO2 reduction in carbon offset projects in the United States and around the world – effectively neutralizing ZEROCA™’s impact on the planet.

Projects supported by ZEROCA™’s carbon offsets are:

  1. Big River/Salmon Creek Forestation Program California, USA
    The project reduces carbon emissions and ensures that the area is permanently protected from development Erbaqu Hydro Power Project Gansu, China
    Carbon offsets enable the development of run-of-river hydro power plants to generate clean energy
  2. Guangdong Wind Power Project Guangdong, China
    Carbon offsets enable the development of wind turbines to generate clean energy

“ZEROCA™ being the first brand of cookware and kitchen gadgets certified CarbonNeutral® is an important step for the entire housewares industry”, said Mark LaCroix, Executive Vice President Global Business Development of The CarbonNeutral Company. “By committing to reduce emissions to net zero, ZEROCA™ sets the benchmark above its competitors and provides a sustainable kitchenware solutions to its customers.”

ZEROCA™ kitchenware will be available in retailers throughout the US beginning in Summer 2011.

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