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Designed to educate and inform at the click of a button, APV Engineered Coatings® recently launched a brand-new iPhone® app for APV eCoolRoof™ with Kynar Aquatec®, a roof coating system launched earlier this year .

Called APV eCoolRoof, the app offers layers of easy-to-find information on the APV eCoolRoof product, including:
•       Introduction to APV eCoolRoof: product background with basic definitions of the two products within the eCoolRoof system, product warranty, expected lifespan, Cool Roof Rating Council (CCRC) standards, product features and eco-friendly benefits and commercial applications;
•       Environmental specifics on conservation, sustainability and aesthetics;
•       Cost saving details;
•       Life cycle analysis graphics;
•       Web site links;
•       Case Studies:  in-depth descriptions about specific projects and products used, before and after photos, end results and client testimonials.

Most importantly, the app functions as a Savings Calculator, which allows building owners, architects and industrial designers to calculate their potential energy savings with APV eCoolRoof versus a roof coated with a conventional elastomeric acrylic coating. To operate the calculator, users enter their state and size of roof in square feet. With that information, the user then receives the yearly cooling energy savings (in kWatts) over three years, the yearly cost savings over three years, the reduction in CO2 emissions over three years and the life cycle cost over 20 years.

The new eCoolRoof app is available for iPhone® and iPod Touch® (any generation).

Launched in January 2011, APV eCoolRoof is a cool roof coating system comprised of a Kynar Aquatec resin-based topcoat and an elastomeric acrylic basecoat.  Working together, these two products can provide up to a 63 percent increase in life cycle energy savings for a structure, as well as up to a 63 percent reduction in CO2 emissions (versus using an elastomeric acrylic product).  This ultimately lessens urban heat island effect and slows the rate of global warming!   The eco-friendly APV eCoolRoof has a low VOC content and resists ultraviolet (UV) ray degradation, chalking, water pickup, dirt pickup, staining, chemicals and corrosion, algae and fungal growth along with abrasion. Made in Ohio, the product increases the comfort level of the interior of a structure by providing lower indoor temperatures, which reduces the amount of energy used from cooling systems.

APV eCoolRoof is available nationwide directly from APV Engineered Coatings for use on commercial projects such as high rise buildings, refrigerated warehouses, domed facilities, factories and stadiums.  The product’s reflectivity is warranted for 10 years. The product may be applied over a multitude of surfaces, such as PVC, asphalt, rubber (including EPDM), metal, SBS & APP modified bitumen, single-ply and polyurethane foam systems.

The APV eCoolRoof coating system meets or exceeds initial Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) requirements to reflect sunlight and heat away from a structure. The products are currently participating in a three-year certification program of age testing, after which they will qualify for ENERGY STAR® and CRRC ratings.

According to the CRRC, a benefit of a Cool Roof is the reduction in air pollution from the emissions of the roof itself, which can help reduce heat islands around cities and populous areas. These are important considerations for builders, roofing contractors and building owners wishing to make a positive impact on the environment.

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