The Lowdown on CB2 Green Piazza Midnight Blue Sofa

Buy it and They’ll Plant a Tree” discusses the sustainable features of the CB2 Green Piazza Midnight Blue Sofa. The article highlights how CB2, a furniture company. For it is taking steps towards sustainability. Especially by creating products that are eco-friendly while also being stylish and affordable. So this article also emphasizes the importance of sustainable furniture. Especially and how it can reduce environmental impact. All the while also promoting a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, the planting of a tree for every purchase of the sofa is also a noteworthy aspect of the article. Thereby highlighting the growing popularity of sustainable practices in the furniture industry.

We’re talking long, lean, super deep unicushion for hanging out low to the floor, tapas low at the coffee table, slouching with the lights low. For then the volume high, laying low…off with the back cushion and two can nap. The price for such comfort?

Amazingly low considering its high-end nature:

Euro sleek in midnight blue textured weave light on its feet in contrasting white oak.
Furniture sustainable Eco sofa by Cb2
Also in sand/white cotton.

eco-friendly construction:

Certified sustainable, kiln-dried hardwood frame

Seat cushion is soy-based polyfoam and down blend

Back cushion is down blend

Made in USA


100% cotton, heavy textured weave fabric: midnight blue

Solid white oak legs

Seat: 81″Wx30″Dx14.5″H



[2] Sustainable and eco-friendly furniture is gaining popularity. For that’s due to its focus on reducing the environmental impact of items.  So furniture companies producing pieces made to last for a long time. I mean and not end up in a landfill. This is a closed-loop cycle of recycling. For this is the foundation of sustainable furniture. Thereby using reclaimed materials or non-toxic furniture stains. Especially to reduce environmental impact.


Certifications such as Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance can help consumers find furniture. Especially made from reasonably sourced materials. For those such as reclaimed wood or LED lighting. Moreover and avoid pollutants such as solvent-based lacquers. Eco-friendly furniture offers sustainable options. Those that lower the ecological cost and reduces greenhouse gases. Consumers are also looking for eco-friendly furniture at a price. Moreover that is within their budget. So sustainable furniture companies are responding by producing pieces. Those that look and feel good. Especially while reducing their carbon footprint.

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