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Given all the talk about clean tech, it would also be perfect to highlight Urban Green Energy as a way for home and building owners reduce their energy costs by using clean energy. These turbines are designed to power individual homes and buildings in a variety of different settings, including urban or suburban.
Urban Green Energy is a world leader in small wind energy and renewable energy systems.
UGE designs, manufactures, and markets cutting-edge vertical axis wind turbines and hybrid wind/solar streetlamps which exceed the standards of safety, reliability, and excellence our customers expect.

UGE partners with customers around the world to provide innovative solutions to the world’s energy needs.

Connecting with over 100 quality distributors across the world and with sales to nearly 50 countries, UGE-trained representatives can answer questions, supply turbines, and provide post-sales support locally.

UGE understands the importance of certifications and quality assurance for customers looking to purchase a renewable energy system.  All of our turbines have undergone certifications to IEC Standards which far exceed the standards for the small wind industry.  We also support the Small Wind Certification Council and are looking to become among the first manufacturers to obtain this certification.

UGE owns its own production headquarters, which allows for unsurpassable quality control, a constant customer feedback loop, and cost-effective collaboration on new technologies.  With 25 acres of land and already 40,000 square feet of factory space, we are poised to become one of the largest manufacturers of small wind turbines worldwide.

Their turbines are unique in that they: 
  • Take wind from any direction. Due to our vertical axis orientation, our wind turbines are designed to take wind in any direction.  This is particularly important in low altitude installations where winds are often varying. 
  • Have low vibration. We are certified on our vibration level (ISO-2631) and our turbines have a low rpm.
  • Are virtually silent. We are IEC 61400-11 certified on our noise level, which is at 38 db (quieter than a human conversation).
  • Look great. Our dual axis technology and unique design create eye-catching turbines that always turn heads.
About Small Wind
Small wind technology (having rated capacities of 100 kW and less) allows individuals to generate their own power and cut their energy bills. Small wind turbines harness wind power to produce clean, emissions-free electricity to power individual homes, farms, and small businesses. There is a 30% Federal incentive for all consumers who purchase a wind turbine by 2016.
The US leads the world in the production of small wind turbines. The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reported that the small wind industry grew 78% in 2008, and despite an economic downturn, grew 15% in 2009.  Market experts predict a 40% per year growth in the foreseeable future and the next decade.
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