The foam is not 100 percent bio material.  To my knowledge no memory foam has been made in which some petroleum must be used.  Additionally, the mattress is made with many different foams, some of which are not bio-based.  EcoSeries is the greenest memory foam mattress on the market, and Anatomic Global constantly strives to make their mattresses using the most eco-friendly processes and materials available.

The EcoSeries mattress is the leading memory foam mattress made from plant-based environmentally friendly materials that offers luxurious comfort and premium support, for a good night’s sleep that’s good for you and environmentally responsible.


The technologically superior layered foam structure of the EcoSeries provides the ultimate in comfort and support in a memory foam mattress that improves overall health by reducing musculoskeletal stress and improving circulation.   As the body achieves spinal alignment at rest, tension and pressure dissipates from weight-bearing body structures, such as the shoulders, back and hips, so that the body can fully relax, promoting healing and rejuvenation.


The EcoSeries mattress features progressive layering of proprietary types, textures, shapes, densities and thicknesses of foam to create a unique sleep surface.

The responsive top layer offers a soft, supple surface that nestles the body.  Deeper layers include the responsive conforming layer, a transitional neutralizing layer, a core supporting layer and a rigid foundational layer.


The EcoSeries features an exclusively designed bamboo and spandex fabric cover made of patent-pending MemStretch fabric, an advanced material that conforms and holds the layers in place while providing a supple, naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic sleep surface.


The EcoSeries features EcoMemoryFoam, a patented bio-based extreme open-cell visco memory foam with nine times the airflow of traditional memory foam for a cooler night’s sleep. 

Proudly made in the USA, the EcoSeries adheres to strict environmentally friendly practices in our development, manufacturing and distribution. 

Their factory uses sustainable, plant-based formulas, and our products are compression packed to reduce our global carbon footprint through efficient direct-to-store and direct-to-consumer delivery.

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