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Pixi, a leading innovator in advanced LED lighting technologies, is pleased to announce a sophisticated line of LED lighting products that establish new benchmarks for energy efficiency, longevity, and color rendition in residential, commercial and institutional environments. Leveraging over two years of development and field-proven through high-profile commercial and hospitality deployments, Pixi LEDs deliver warm, even, consistent lighting with minimal environmental impact and the best dollar per brightness level per watt value proposition in the market today.

Richard Myers, Vice President of Pixi, said, “Pixi’s new LEDs are destined to become standard lighting technology. It’s not enough to simply call your product ‘Green,’ as has often been the case with today’s unappealing energy-efficient lights. The American consumer will immediately recognize that Pixi delivers better quality light than yesteryear’s bulbs, at prices that make it easy to switch now.”

For commercial use. For retail stores, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing environments, or anywhere you need like a home, they are powerful, energy-efficient light. All of our commercial LED lighting delivers exceptional performance,energy efficiency and long life.  LED lights switch on instantly, generate very little heat and use less energy than traditional bulbs. Pixi LED lights have a higher color rendering, so everything under them looks more vibrant. Pixi LED lights for commercial applications deliver optimal light distribution, illuminating work surfaces without glare or hotspots. And Pixi LIghting LEDs contain no mercury or lead, so they’re an environmentally responsible choice.

Pixi‘s patent-pending LED (light emitting diode) technologies deliver unique lighting products that overcome the limitations of conventional LED solutions. Pixi‘s products feature the warm glow of incandescent bulbs that consumers demand, but without the hazard of mercury that’s present in today’s spiral fluorescent bulbs.  Pixi‘s proprietary technologies solve numerous other shortcomings in current LED lighting products, including uniformity of light, overall brightness capability and freedom from shadow effects.  Pixi‘s lighting technologies are not only more efficient, they’re more effective.

A New Era in Lighting Technology

Pixi’s LED lighting will drive the transformation of light “bulbs” from century-old electro-mechanical devices to wafer-based electronics that bear much greater resemblance to household consumer electronics. The enemy of any electronic device, including old-school light bulbs is heat, and effective heat dissipation is critical to long life and reliability.  Unlike outmoded competitors that use thick, heavy, molded and die-cast heat sinks, Pixi utilizes 99.7% pure aluminum stamped heat sink fins identical in design to those used by notebook microprocessors and high performance game consoles.  This unique design allows for extremely efficient downward light pass-through and provides  an even, pleasing, state-of-the-art light source in the shape and form factor of the classic ‘A19’ Edison light bulb.

Pixi is also the first to the U.S. market with HV LED emitter chips that simplify the power supply leading to higher reliability and longer life.  Unique and proprietary packaging of the LED chips using the Chip-On-Board architecture provide better brightness and white uniformity without the multi-shadowing effects that competitor LED bulbs suffer from as a result of individually lensed LED chips.  By using IMOETM (injection molding over encapsulation) technology on the LED chip packaging,  Pixi ensures greater radiation angles (up to 150 degrees) and far less internal light bounce back, which results in enhanced brightness wherever they’re used.

Innovative New Form Factors

Pixi bulbs, available now in A19 and candelabra form factors, will also soon be offered in globe, PAR, and MR16 models.  As a replacement for the conventional fluorescent tube fixtures commonly used in commercial settings or residential kitchens and garages, Pixi is also introducing a new line of luminaires that will soon be available in 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 4’ and 1’ x 4’ form factors.  Pixi luminaires have excellent light distribution without the hot, glary tube impressions of conventional luminaires. Pixi luminaires are ideal replacements that can transform a room with a more sleek and updated look.  

Unlike CFLs (compact fluorescents), Pixi bulbs are certified RoHS compliant, and contain no hazardous substances like lead, cadmium or mercury.  Pixi bulbs are also certified IP 65 for ingress protection, meaning that the bulbs are usable outdoors and can be exposed to streams of water or rain (as long as the bulbs are not fully immersed).   Pixi bulbs are also dimmable and have been tested with LED-compatible household dimmers.

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