On Earth Day and every day, when it comes to changing your oil, mowing the lawn, grilling with your family or simply cleaning the deck or your car, we hope consumers choose products from Green Earth Technologies™.

GET-Products replace the petrochemical base of traditional appearance and performance chemicals with an Ultimate Biodegradable bio base made with plants or animal fat. It is sustainable and can be collected domestically with grown beef, pork, chicken fat and plant oils. Bottles are made with 30% post consumer recyclable plastic and our labels are printed with water based inks on recycled paper. Plant & animal fats GET recycled to make a highly demanded product in place of foreign oil.

Not only will your car thank you, but Mother Nature will too. 

Green Earth Technologies™ produces ultimate biodegradable, renewable, recyclable and environmentally safe automotive, outdoor power equipment and cleaning products. This means consumers can now do their part without having to give up performance or value.

The only API Certified Ultimate biodegradable bio-based full synthetic “green” motor oil.  Grown and made in the USA, reduce dependence on foreign oil/offshore drilling.

Change your oil, change the world with Environment Safe, ULTIMATE BIODEGRADABLE* G-OIL® GREEN Motor Oil, the world’s first and only American Petroleum Institute’s (API) “SM” Certified bio-based motor oil. We blend nature’s American grown base oils (domestically sourced beef tallow) with nanotechnology to provide superior performance protection during the maximum oil change intervals recommended by vehicle manufactures while meeting or exceeding requirements.

Our bio base-synthetic G-OIL is the GREEN SOLUTION for gasoline engines, providing better protection for automotive engines under the toughest driving conditions NATURALLY BETTER THAN SYNTHETICS.

Whether “topping off” or returning your used motor oil to a collection center, G-OIL is compatible with all other motor oils.

Green Living

G-OIL bottles are made from recyclable HDPE #2 plastic and the labels are printed with water based inks on recycled paper.

*Ultimate Biodegradable is the highest biodegradability ranking determined by ASTM Standards (2.1 ASTM D-5864)

1 Quart and 5 Quart Bottles $6.43 and $26.00 (Available at Walmart)

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