From games and videos to photos and blog posts, there’s plenty of online material to keep everyone occupied leading up to Earth Day.

Here are a few game examples:

Pouncer’s Gadget –
An extremely fun game where you must attach three bubbles of the same color in order to get them to pop:

Nokapaka: The Shallow Tail –
Control Cosmo’s movements as he surfs along a big wave and dodges obstacles along the way:

Here are some Videos to check out

“Young Voices Against Climate Change” –
Teenagers discuss ways in which they are reducing their carbon footprint on a daily basis:

Edward Norton: Bag the Bag –
Plastic bags have become “insidious global tumbleweeds.” Edward Norton encourages you to bring your own bags to the grocery store:


Invasive Plants –
A fascinating look into how non-native plants are negatively impacting domestic ecosystems:

Drinking Water: Bottled or From the Tap? –
Water is good for you, so keep drinking it. But think about how often you use water bottles and if you can make a change:

Also, following its success for PC, National Geographic’s Build It Green! Back to the Beach game launches on iPad this Friday for Earth Day. The game is set in the fictional Seaside Island — once a paradise with proud traditions now strained with needless commerce and development. As the mayor of the island, the player sets right what has gone wrong by helping the inhabitants build environmentally safe housing and facilities with the latest green technology. The app will cost $3.99.

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