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Green Lighting, LED green lighting, green business, green living, green living news, MSI LED bulbs, Par 38 LED LampThe MSI LED PAR 38 bulb. This is at 10 watts and can go to 16 watts.

Powerband™ – THIS THINK WORKS!!  This is the lowest setting for the LED. 10 watts!!

Source: MSI LED

This proprietary feature allows the flexibility of producing light outputs based on 10 watts, 12 watts or 16 watts, with a simple twist of the band.  This will create lumen outputs of 550 lumens, 650 lumens or 800 lumens respectively. Now you can optimize your lighting design both in terms of light output as well as light energy savings, and all with one unique bulb!

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Proprietary Intelligent Communication (PIC)

This patent pending feature allows the bulb to communicate via a sophisticated electronic light wave pattern, information such as, manufacturing information, installation information, hours of use and wattage settings. This is especially important due to the extremely long bulb life, but also can play a key role in overall energy evaluation, maintenance and design.


Designed and built with the highest level of components available today, including industry leading CREE LED’s, this UL approved product is produced in a world class manufacturing environment to the highest level of quality standards to assure a minimum of 50,000 hour bulb life, more than 20 times the life of standard Halogen bulbs.

Thermal Management

A hidden advantage of this bulb is its highly efficient thermal management system. With operating temperatures at 50% less than Halogen bulbs, this bulb not only saves on lighting energy costs, but also reduces air conditioning costs due to the drastic heat reduction. Validated testing has conclusively proven that for every 1 watt of light energy saved, a 1/2 watt of secondary Worldwide Installation The iPAR-38 LED bulb has been designed with a universal voltage power supply of 85 volts to 265 volts with an onboard power management system allowing this product to be installed in virtually any country in the world!

Dimmable LED

Another key advantage of the iPAR-38 program is its ability to dim throughout the power range with virtually any dimmer on the market today!

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