Belated Message From BOB The Bicycle Trailer About Biking – National Bike Week

BOB, the makers of the first single-wheeled bicycle trailers, encourages smart, fun and safe bike commuting during National Bike Month (May 2011), with five tips for  riding to work on National Bike-to-Work Day (Friday, May 20, 2011) and National Bike-to-Work Week (May 16-20, 2011).

Riding the Talk

Aside from being experts on great products for bike commuting, BOB employees also practice the ride-to-work tactics they preach. To demonstrate this strong bike culture, a plethora of two-wheelers and BOB trailers can be seen in the bike racks outside of the BOB offices in downtown Boise, ID. Employees enjoy using their own horsepower over resource-consuming products.

Bike-to-Work Rewards

As a sponsor of Boise’s May in Motion – the local, month-long promotion of alternative transportation for commuting to work – BOB offers incentives to its employees this month, including the opportunity to earn an extra paid vacation day and great prizes, to get all of their employees involved in using alternative transportation for commuting. “We make using alternative transportation a bit competitive and fun – but most of all it opens the doors to new ways of thinking about our daily commute!” says Nicole Brown, bike commuter and marketing manager at BOB.

Bicycle Commuting Tips

1.      Be bike safe (and smart)

Just like you would tune-up your car before a trip, take stock of your bicycle and take time for proper maintenance.  For more tips, visit

  • Wear a helmet
  • Check the air pressure in both tires; know what pressure is best for your tires and your terrain
  • Pack a portable pump and extra inner tubes or a patch kit so you are ready to fix a flat

2.      Turn your bicycle into the ultimate commuter with a BOB Trailer

Forgo the racks or panniers and opt for a lightweight BOB Trailer. With the included BOB Dry Sak and plenty of capacity, your work essentials are easily transported. A BOB bicycle trailer:

  • Easily attaches to your bicycle’s back wheel
  • Has a low center of gravity to keep weight off of your bicycle frame, which means better bike handling
  • Tracks with your back wheel, which means it’s easy to navigate your commuter route
  • Provides plenty of storage capacity for all of your gear, plus anything you need to pick up along the way

3.      Dress for commuter success

When commuting by bicycle, be prepared by anticipating changes in weather and wearing comfortable clothing. These factors can make or break an enjoyable commute. And with your BOB Trailer you can easily pack a rain jacket or a change of shoes and clothes.

  • If your ride is longer, consider wearing bicycling shorts
  • Don’t forget to tie down your right pant leg – your drive train can easily chew up loose fabric
  • Shoes should be sturdy with rubber soles to provide traction on pedals

4.      Map your ride

Find the best bike route and get mentally prepared using Google’s Bicycling Directions. Even take a virtual ride before you go.

5.      Pack up essentials

Use your BOB Trailer and Dry Sak to pack all of your commuter needs quickly and easily. Take a few minutes and consider what you’ll need to make it easy, convenient and fun:

  • A change of clothes or shoes
  • A travel set of toiletries such as deodorant, hair brush and cleansing body-freshening wipes to transition from the bike lane to the office setting
  • Pack your lunch and snacks to maintain energy throughout the day

BOB formed in 1994 as the first manufacturer of single-wheeled bicycle cargo trailers. Creator of the original YAK and suspension-equipped IBEX, the company facilitates bike travel, touring and commuting by offering quality, dependable trailers. As BOB’s founders became fathers, they designed and developed the first Sport Utility Stroller in 1998 and now offer a complete line of popular strollers that help support active family endeavors. Look for BOB products in cycling, sporting goods and baby stores nationwide, or to find a retailer, visit

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